Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #73--Kimball Collins--Positivibes Vol. 1

Kimball Collins was a definite part of my 90's raver existence. The Florida based DJ helped to bring the Florida Breakbeat sounds out of the Orlando area to international acclaim. Kimball is still a producer and DJs all over the world.

This mix is from 1995 and was one of the first mix CDs from him. It's been recently rediscovered by us old school ravers and has been promoted on the internet recently.


1 Virtualmismo, Cosmonatica 
2 Hysteria (3), Love Nature '94
3 –Louding Crew Morigan 
4 –Bhasmantan Wicked
5 –Creative Sam Dance In Paradise
6 –Janice Robinson Children 
7 –Thelma Houston Don't Leave Me This Way 
8 –JT Company Live My Life 
9 –Armante Love Me, Leave Me 
10 –Justine Want Me, Love Me
11 –Kamasutra Nightwall

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #72--DJ AppleJac--Unhooked Generation; Black Love Live 7/16/16

DJ Applejac has been a regular on Mode.Radio for many years and this mix I fell in love with this summer. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #71--Eastman Garcia for Intermission

It's been a whirlwind 2 months, but we're back with a good mix for the Thanksgiving holidays and all those slightly uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table.

San Francisco based DJ Eastman Garcia did a mix that reflects some of the feelings of how 2016 has been going...Enjoy!


  1. Kanye West - The Good The Bad The Ugly (Eastman_G Intro Bootleg Edit )
  2. Erykah Badu - Twinkle 2
  3. The Roots - Take It There ft. Wadud Ahmad
  4. The Roots - Livin In A New World ft. John John
  5. Kanye West - Crack Music ft. The Game
  6. Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
  7. Jay-Z - Heaven
  8. Kanye West - Say You Will
  9. Mos Def - Kalifornia
  10. Mel & Tim - Keep The Faith (Eastman_G Bootleg Edit)
  11. Fitzroy - Philosophy

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix # 70--Tommie Sunshine Vs Frankie Bones--Even Furthur 2016

The Even Furthur Fest was this summer in Wisconsin and as a surprise, superstar DJs Tommie Sunshine and Frankie Bones tagged on the closing set.

Tommie grew up going to the original Furthur festival while living in the Chicago. I've been a huge fan of Tommie's since he left Atlanta to focus entirely on his music. When I knew him in Atlanta, he ran the legendary Satelite Records and shared his love of electronic music with everyone who entered the store.

Frankie Bones is a legendary NYC based house DJ who coined the phrase PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). He has produced several tracks, some of which have been used for such events like Berlin's Love Parade.

No Tracklist because it was a complete surprise...Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Mode Radio's Weekly Mix #69--Osmose--Caffeine Supreme Vol. 2

DJ Osmose has been a BIG part of the Mode.Radio family since our inception in 2008. His range of DJ mixes from Disco to Reggae and everything else in between has been featured on this blog. It' been a while since we have featured him, so I decided to go to Soundcloud and see his latest.

I'm in love with this mix he did for CaffeineSupreme last month

As he states it: "Quality Music For Forward People" and that's what he has been doing for many years! 



The New Black ­ "Freeze Up" ­ Midnight Riot
Al Kent ­ "Come Back Home" ­ Razor n Tape
LTJ Xperience ­ "Walking Groove" ­ Irma
Luca Trevisi LTJ ­ "Off Street" ­ NBST
Skylevel ­ "Don’t Abuse It" (Skylevel edit) ­ Skylevel 
Frank Booker ­ "Get On" ­ Untracked
Hotmood ­ "Superstar" ­ Tugboat Edits
Fouk ­ "Cat Lady" ­ Outplay
The Silver Rider ­ "Tell Me" ­ Editor’s Kutz
Secret Squirrels ­ "Secret Squirrels #10 Side A" ­ Secret Squirrels 
Chris Shennan ­ "Without Luv" ­ Wax Digits
MA­Yorkins ­ "Josefina (MA­Yorking’s Re­Edit)" Adult Music Ent
Rare Cuts ­ "I Didn’t Take" ­ Masterworks Music
Eleanore Mills ­ "I”m Gonna Get You" ­ Soul Brother Records
Gloria Ann Taylor ­ "Brother Less Than A Man" ­ Luv n’ Haight

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #68--Nebraska--Boiler Room Set

UK based DJ Nebraska has been floating around internationally since the mid 90's. His sets are always fun and this set is no exception. When his crew, Heist Recordings tookover Boiler Room earlier in July, Nebraska put on a killer set.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #67--The Beat Broker--Beach Boogie

Hailing from San Francisco, I'd like to introduce The Beat Broker.

I stumbled upon this set from Dream Chimney, a Bay Area based crew that posts DJ mixes on their website, The Beat Broker has been DJ out since 2001 and expanding to doing the weekly 'POP' parties in San Francisco. You can here more of his mixes at

This mix features all kinds of disco goodness! Enjoy!

Das Komplex - Slap
Benedek - Coolin' 
Prins Emanuel - Land of Joy
Nu Guinea - the Birds Rejoice
Liquid Pegasus - However Do U Want Me 
Black Spuma - Metallo Nero
Julian Sanza Ft. Lol√≥ Gasparini - Yayaya 
Asa Moto - Wanowan Efem
Project Pablo - Warm Priority
Conga Radio - Party Smokes
Andras & Oscar - Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Dub)
Jack J - Thurstin'
Ponzu Island - Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended Mix)
Zanzibar Chanel - Ass
Dan Lissvik - M
The Poncho Brothers - Amantes Latinos (Zoovox Remix)
Lord Julien - Shades

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #66--Laurent Garnier--It Is What it Is Episode 8

It's been a while since we've last posted. I have been caught up in start of school, radio show, and family emergencies, but (hopefully) things have settled down and I can get back to publishing good music

Laurent Garnier is a legend in the electronic music scene. He began DJing in the mid 80's in England and is a master of Detroit House and Disco. For almost a year, he has been putting out podcasts called "It is what it is" featuring the best in new house, disco, and electro. This is the latest episode.

Enjoy and look for more weekly mixes this month!

01- TURBOJAZZ -unicorn rising -LOCAL TALK 
02- IGOR JADRANIN - boulevardd ep -BACK TO THE WORLD
03- 4Th SIGN -trouble no men -ONDULE
04- KYODAI -moving -LOCAL TALK
05- GABRIEL D'OR & BORDOY -i.d.i.v (ian o donnovan rmx) -SELECTED 
07- SAMPHA -timmy's prayer -YOUNG TURKS
08- TRUTH -jade helm -DEEP MEDI
09- MALA -4 elements -BROWNSWOOD
10- LAKUTA -bata boy (wrongtom rmx) -TRU THOUGHTS 
11- TONY GREY & BLACK 7 -the feelings -NOW & AGAIN
12- STEVE ALDO -baby what you want me to do -DECCA
14- FELIX LEIFUR -berg toppur -DIRT CREW
15- THE LIONHEART BROTHERS -the drift(V Willbass mix) -FULL PUPP
17- HEIST -violent rain -METALHEADZ
18- DDOG -anthem -BASS = WIN
21- LMYE -call 76 -APRON
22- KINK -valentine's groove -ROYAL OAK 
23- MODERAT -running (Kink rmx) -MONKEYTOWN
25- NIGHT BEATS -sunday morning -HEAVENLY
26- ALEKSANDR SERGEYVICH -the shaman's dance -BBE
27- MAGALI NOEL -alhambra rock -PHILIPS

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #65--Greg Wilson--Live at Music Room Atlanta May 2016

The past two weeks I've been driving from Nashville to Atlanta tending to my father's medical issues. It's a short trip compared to coming from Oakland to Atlanta and it gives a lot of time to think and listen to music. So this weekend for my drive I download this mix from my friends at The Music Room in Atlanta. This was a mix done during their 2 year anniversary event in May of this year and it'

Very sexy, Disco sexy...just damn sexy.

The DJ is Greg Wilson. A legend in the electro scene since the 1980's and from Manchester, England, Greg has been heavily influenced by soul and disco and responsible for producing soul and hip-hop tracks in the 80's and 90's. He recently began to document the history and current state black music in England on his website ElectroFunkRoots and currently runs a blog called Being a DJ.

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #64--Dr. Fu Man Chu--Return of the Astrobump

It's been a while since we've had a weekly mix because I have truly enjoyed my summer off as a teacher :) This mix really goes along with my chill summer and ironically, it was done by a DJ who is also a teacher enjoying his summer!

I met Dr. Fumanchu in Atlanta in the mid 90's. One of the best chill, hip-hop DJ's in the scene, he handled his biz. Working at Rewind Records, he was always the first to grab downtempo tracks. He, like all of us, made a life change and became a teacher in Philly but never forgot his roots.

This mix features a lot of Stone's Throw including Quasimoto, Dilla, and more. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #63--Queen Majesty--Mix for Intermission, May 2016

Sunday mornings at my house consists of my husband cooking breakfast, my kid looking at the comic page and me reading the newspaper listening to a dub mix. Sometimes I listen to WRAS 88.5FM online and sometimes I play DJ Mixes. Today I was looking for a new mix and hit up Recess NYC's Intermission website. I was pleasantly surprised by this mix from Brooklyn's Queen Majesty.

Queen Majesty has been DJing for over 20 years and had two radio shows on East Village Radio, up until 2014. Along with that she's a business owner with her own hot sauce line. Loving this mix and hope it makes any day of your week chill.



  1. Depth Charge - Keith Hudson
  2. Numbers Dub - King Tubby
  3. Love Land - Sound Dimension
  4. Live Wire - Soul Brothers
  5. Voodoo Moon - Jackie Mittoo
  6. El Bang Bang - Jackie Mittoo
  7. Julia Sees Me - Exodus
  8. Reggae Rock - Jackie Mittoo
  9. Sidewalk Doctor Part Too - Jackie Mittoo
  10. Luanda - CS Dodd
  11. Push Pull - Pablove Black
  12. Little Sunshine - Jackie Mittoo
  13. Russian Satellite - Jackie Mittoo

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Radio Ready--Ladymode--Soul of the City Mix 2

Hello all!
It's been a while since I posted a Radio Ready mix and the last one I posted was a mix I did when I auditions for an on-air position on WXNA 101.5FM radio in Nashville.

Well starting June 9, my radio show "Soul of the City" will FINALLY be on the air and on the internet. You can listen to it on TunedIn at WXNA or on their website It took a while because of antenna issues but we're ready to go now!

"Soul of the City" is a departure from Mode.Radio because it's more of a neo-soul than electronica. But not to worry, I will still be maintaining the electronic sounds on this blog.

So here are all the links to the socials for Mode.Radio and Soul of the City:

Mode.Radio's FB:
Mode.Radio's Twitter: @moderadiopod
Mode.Radio's email:

Soul of the City's FB:
Soul of the City's Twitter: @soulofthecity9
Soul of the City's email:

Enjoy this mix and listen to "Soul of the City" Thursdays 4-6 PM CST in Nashville, TN!

Foreign Exchange--Happiness
Ohmega Watts--Your Love
Prince--Hot Thing
Vikter Duplaix--Looking For Love
Omar--I Love Being with You
Kendrick Lamar--These Walls
Res--Ice King
Amel Larrieux--Get Up
Erykah Badu--Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
Nuyorican Soul--I am the Black Gold of the Sun
Michael Jackson--Butterflies
The System--Don't Disturb This Groove

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekly Mix #62--Rick Sierra--May 2016 Mix

Happy Mother's Day

I'm relaxing, enjoying my day quite nicely, listening to upcoming mixes for Mode.Radio and getting ready for my show on WXNA ( A lot of the mixes I'm listening to are nice, summer house mixes and this is one of them

I have been a fan of Rick Sierra ever since he moved to Atlanta from Florida in the 90's. He's opened for BT, De La Soul, Tommie Sunshine, and many many more artists.

Now living in Colorado, he's slowly getting back into DJing after  brief hiatus. This was his latest mix that he did this weekend.

Enjoy the deep house goodness

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #61--Mark Farina--Timetable Mix, March 2016

Mode.Radio is back!

It's been a very busy April for me with work stuff, radio ( stuff, and family/kid stuff, but I'm back with one of my eternal favorite DJ's.

I present to you DJ Mark Farina.

We have featured Mark sooo many times on Mode.Radio. But in case you forgot, Mark is originally from Chicago but is most connected with San Francisco since he moved there in the 90's and brought its cool vibe to house music. He's most well known for his "Mushroom Jazz" series, which there will (hopefully) be a Mushroom Jazz 8 coming this year. "Mushroom Jazz" is also celebrating its 25 anniversary so Mark is out touring in support.

This mix is a new house mix that came out last month, with a lot of underground tracks. There's no tracklisting, but this is so worth a listen!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #60-- Dubfire--Live at Ultra Music Fest--March 19, 2016

One of my favorite festivals, the Ultra Festival (coinciding with the Winter Music Conference) went down in Miami this past week. My days of going to Miami for the festival are over (yay, mommyhood...) but I still love hearing the sets that are coming up on line from the event.

It's been so long since we've had a good techno mix on Mode, so why not have one of the best, Dubfire? Dubfire was part of the duo Deep Dish. Born in Iran and raised in the US, Dubfire (Ali Shirazinia) started Deep Dish in 1991 with a more house sound. The group won a Grammy in 2002 for their remix of Dido's "Thank You." Dubfire started producing his own tracks in 2007 and has been out on his own since.


Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #59--Gilles Petersen (mixed by Will LV)--Phife Dawg Tribute Mix

The death of A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor) on Tuesday March 22, 2016 left a BIG hole in the hip-hop community. I know personally I reconnected with ATCQ music all this week, thought a lot about the effect of the group on my musical upbringing and watched "Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest" documentary.

I had originally planned to showcase a mix from Winter Music Conference/Ultra Fest from Miami (and we're still doing that this week), but once I stumbled upon this tribute on Gilles Peterson's Soundcloud, I knew this had to be put on this blog.

There is another Tribe mix on Mode.Radio from Canadian DJ JoeAve and you can hear it here.

Enjoy both mixes!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #58--jSmall--Sunday Morn Perk

Happy first day of spring!

So I just came back from my hometown of Atlanta, visiting fam and feeling a bit sad that I didn't visit any "framily" (friends that are family) As I was looking for something to listen to to take me back to Music City, TN, I stumbled upon this mix from ATL DJ/Producer jSmall on the Funk Jazz Kafe FB Page. I'll be honest, I haven't heard much from him, but I'm very interested in what else he has up his sleeves because this deep house mix is perfect for the first day of spring. It remains deep, while throwing in a little afro house, which was great!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix # 57--Buttkick--Best of 2015 Mix

The last time we featured British DJ Buttkick was in December, 2014. At the time, Buttkick was just coming back into DJing after a 15 year hiatus. Since then, he has developed a name for himself as a nu-disco DJ with an international following. This mix debuted in January this year and it reflects some of the changes Buttkick has been through this year. 

"I've had an interesting year to say the least, i got married, started a new, quite intense job and delved into the world of music production thanks to Ableton. I've enjoyed every minute of it !"

You can check out his original tracks and mixes on his Soundcloud page:


Tracklisting (with comments)

1. Sister S - Living Ecstasy (Norinton Remix).
A brilliant remix of a classic on Boots R Us Music Label.
2.Yomakomba - Girl From Calabria (Caroline Remix).
One of my biggest. Gorgeous tune with some great synths released on the Spacewalker Label.
3. Leon Sweet - Sunny Bigler (Original Mix).
I was waiting AGES to get a hold of a copy of this. Leon is banging out some great stuff and this blew me away when i first heard it. Out on Trash The Wax Volume 2 on Paper Disco.
4. Tony's Way Back Machine - In The Beginning (Original Mix). Theres various remixes of this track, including the quality MiDiman remix, but this original for me is the best. I'm a sucker for pianos and this makes me smile whenever i play it. Out on Piano Pressure Volume 1 on Pole Position Recordings.
5. Kosmetique - Palace Gates (Rude Jude Remix).
Quality track on Palace Gates EP on Computer Science Label. Brilliant track, simple.
6. Mark Lower - I Got A Dream (Manuel Kane Remix)
This Kane Remix is a stunner, played it loads of times. A pleasure to mix in with. Out on Spirit Soul Records.
7. Deelicious - You Know How.
Brilliant track on Gregg Holmes' label Hot Digits Music. Gorgeous track that swings along. Love it.
8. Mark Lower & Man Of Goodwill - Time To Be Free (Mark Lower Edit).
Second Mark Lower track to make it onto my list. He's done a few collabs with Man Of Goodwill and this is a quality one. Out on Enormous Tunes Label.
9. Cinnamon Chasers - Fields (Original Mix).
Picked this up last week and it blew me away. Gorgeous synths. Out on Modus Recordings.
10. Sonic Future - I Pretended (Original Mix). Probably the biggest tune i have in my box at the moment, possibly along with the last track on this mix. This is stunning, the synths are monstrous. Out on Modus Recordings. This is the @Highlighted Track@ of the mix.
11. Jay Vegas - Say To Ya (Original Mix).
Another quality tune out on Hot Stuff Records.
12. 16 Bit Lolitas - Beat Organ (Original Mix).
When i first heard a mate of mine David Nickleford playing this i nearly passed out. Where these guys got the synth from for the main line i have no idea but it is deadly. Out on Anjunadeep. Probably the biggest tune i have at the moment.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Radio Ready--Soul of the City Mix for WXNA Nashville

Since I left WRAS 88.5 FM Atlanta in 2003, I have always dreamed of coming back to live on-air radio. Well this year that dream is going to be reality as I am starting on WXNA Nashville as on air talent. Since the electronica shows have been taken by others, including Mode.Radio's old friend, Mindub, I have decided to create a R&B/Neo-Soul/House show called Soul of the City. It will air on Thursdays 4-6 PM CST, but the date is TBA due to when WXNA's tower is built.

In either case, I wanted to give you all a sample of what I will be playing. I brought in some old favorites, new songs, songs played on previous mixes, and new artists. I even featured a couple of Nashville residents, Jill Scott (yes, she lives here part time) and Basecamp. Enjoy and look out on this blog for more info on when you can hear "Soul of the City"live!

Afro Blue--Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Erykah Badu
Love From the Sun--Deborah Jordan
Crusin'--Jill Scott
These Walls--Kendrick Lamar
Play Dis--Saukrates (ft. Common)
Space--Slick and Rose
Ice King--Res
She's Always in My Hair--D'Angelo
Phone Down--Erykah Badu
I Can't Go For That--Hall and Oates
Looking for Love--Vikter Duplaix
Fly Magnetic--Guru (ft. Dionne Faris)
I Am the Black Gold of the Sun--Nuyorican Soul
Shine--The Dangerfeel Newbies

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #56--?uestlove--JDilla Tribute, 2012

This month would have been re-known Hip-Hop producer's JDilla's 42nd birthday. If you don't know, J Dilla, aka Jay Dee, was a producer and MC who worked with such artists as A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, Common, De La Soul, Talib Kweli and more. Dilla died in 2006 of a rare blood disease and lupus.

This mix was done live on NYC's Hot 97 by The Root's ?uestlove. Mixed on the 6th anniversary of Dilla's death, it's an amazing tribute to a great and influential producer.


Tracklist: (credit: Okayplayer boards)

  1. Can't Stop This - The Roots 
  2. Whip You With A Strap - Ghostface Killah 
  3. Track 34 from "Another Batch"
  4. Track 7 from "Dimensions Of Dilla"
  5. Fantastic 3 - Slum Village
  6. Got 'Til It's Gone (Jay Dee Revenge Remix) - Janet Jackson
  7. Got 'Til It's Gone - Janet Jackson
  8. Track 22 From "Another Batch"
  9. The Things You Do - Slum Village
  10. Slum Village
  11. Fantastic 2 - Slum Village
  12. So Hardcore - Busta Rhymes
  13. U And Ur Smile from "Old Donuts"
  14. Marvin Gaye "God Is Love"
  15. Love Is - Common
  16. Alice Lost Her Keys from "The New Slave" 
  17. Track 19 from "SV Tour Beat CD"
  18. Starz - Jaylib
  19. (Unknown Track)
  20. Little Brother - Black Star
  21. Get It Together - Slum Village
  22. (Unknown Track)
  23. Stakes Is High - De La Soul
  24. Ahmad Jamal "Swahililand"
  25. (Unknown Track)
  26. Turn Me Up Some - Busta Rhymes
  27. (Unknown Track)
  28. J Dilla - Snapping Necks in Africa (from BeatTape The New Slave)
  29. This Is It from "Old Donuts" 
  30. (Unknown Track)
  31. Dooinit - Common
  32. Rick James "Give It To Me Baby"
  33. Bobby Caldwell "Open Your Eyes"
  34. The Light - Common
  35. The Light Remix - Common
  36. Fall In Love - Slum Village
  37. Raise It Up - Slum Village
  38. Come Close (Closer Remix) - Common
  39. Find A Way - Tribe Called Quest
  40. Stan Getz "Saudade Vem Correndo"
  41. Runnin' - The Pharcyde

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #55--Gilles Petersen--In Memory of Maurice White

Maurice White was the iconic singer and producer of the great band, Earth, Wind, and Fire. He passed away last week (February 4th) of complications related to Parkinson's Disease and it was another great loss for the music community. 

Many know Maurice White just from his work with EWF, but he was an accomplished jazz drummer, performing with the Ramsey Lewis Trio. He was originally from Memphis and moved to Chicago to be near family and to go to the Chicago Conservatory of Music for college. After working with the Ramsey Lewis Trio, he and 2 friends started Earth, Wind, and Fire, which produced numerous hits. He also was a respected producer, creating tracks for Deneice Williams, The Emotions, Minnie Ripperton, Stevie Wonder, and many more.

Gilles Peterson created this tribute mix TODAY. As you may know, Gilles is the world famous DJ from various UK radio stations such as KISS FM and now BBC Radio 6. He's well known for his acid jazz selections and his mix albums of rare grooves. This mix fits right into what Gilles does. It features a lot more jazz tracks with Ramsey Lewis and some tracks that Maurice produced, but there is a healthy amount of EWF tracks for your listening pleasure.

Enjoy and download at this link
1    - EWF – Energy (The Need of Love 1971)
2    - EWF – Faces (Faces 1980)
3    - The Salty Peppers – Open Your Heart
4    - The Dells – A Summer Place (Love is Blue 1969)
5    - Ramsey Lewis – Eternal Journey (Maiden Voyage 1968)
6    - Come on Feet segments (Sweet Sweet Badass Song)
7    - EWF – Moment of Truth (Earth Wind & Fire 1971)
8    - Ramsey Lewis – Uhuru (Another Voyage 1969)
9    - Billy Stewart – Summertime (1966)
10   - Fontella Bass – Rescue Me (The New look 1966)
11  - Sonny Cox – The Wailer (The Wailer 1966)
12  - Ramsey Lewis – Blue Bongo (Goin’Latin 1966)
13  - The Pharaohs – Damballa  (Awakening 1972)
14  - EWF – Beauty (The Need of Love 1971)
15  - EWF – Mom (Last Days and Time 1979)
16  - Minnie Ripperton – Memory Band (Janus 1974)
17  - EWF – Reasons (That’s the way of the World 1975)
18  - EWF – Earth, Wind & Fire (Spirit 1976)
19  - EWF – Wanna Be with You ( Raise 1981)
20  - EWF – You can’t Hide Love (Gratitude 1975)
21  - EWF – Step’s Tube ( Open your Eyes 1974)
22  - EWF – Caribou (Open your Eyes 1974)
23  - Ramsey Lewis – Slick (Salongo 1976)
24  - EWF – Runnin’ (All n All 1977)
25  - EWF – Let Your Feelings Show (I Am 1979)
26  - EWF – And Love Goes On (Faces 1980)
27  - The Emotions – Best of My Love (Rejoices 1977)
28  - Ramsey Lewis – Wade on the Water (Wade in the Water 1966)
29  - Marlena Shaw – Wade in the Water (Chess 45 1966)
30  - EWF – Shining Star (Thats the way of the world 1975)
31  - Deniece Williams – Free (This Is Niecey 1976)
32  - EWF – Dreams (Open Your Eyes 1974)
33  - EWF – Zanzibar (Head to the Sky 1973)
34  - EWF – Fantasy (All n All 1977)
35  - Ramsey Lewis – Sun Goddess (1974)
36  - EWF – Brazilian Rhyme (unreleased version 1977)
37  - EWF – Intro (Gratitude 1975)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #54--Richie Hawtin--Essential Mix, Live from LA, January 30, 2016

Yes, you read the title correctly...this weekly mix was broadcasted yesterday on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix

And it's phenomenal!

Some people consider Ritchie Hawtin a British DJ. Some people say he's a Canadian DJ and still some call him a Detroit DJ. In actuality, he's all 3, Born in the UK, Ritchie later moved to Windsor, Canada, across the border from Detroit. He started the wave of techno DJs that came out of the Detroit area in the late 80's. He has since evolved to a producer and a record label exec.


Here's the tracklisting:
01 Andres Campo – White (Lander B & Oscar Escapa Remix)[FLORIDA]
02 Mladen Tomic – 7 30 Drink
03 KH – Smoky
04 A++ & Lolla Tek – Lucy Overdrive (Ovi M Remix)[BLACK KAT]
05 Macromism – Alphabet (ANNA Remix)[OCTOPUS]
06 Dee Green – Pure
07 Pig&Dan – Lizard King (Julian Jeweil Remix)[ELEVATE]
08 J. Phlip & Huxley – What You Want (Vin Sol Remix)
09 Kronoxs Gaist – Blakk
10 Nuno Lisboa – Inapt V5 Demo
11 Alka Rex – Orleans Bradel (Kamran Sadeghi Remix)
12 Carlo Ruetz – Prayer Demo
13 K.A.M.A. – Allen Anacharca
14 Joy Orbison – A213[RUSH HOUR]
15 Bleeding – Madness
16 Bass Clann – Day By Day
17 ID – ID
18 Anestie Gomez – Suffo
19 ID – ID
20 Sakro – Lemonade
21 Reduction – Pablo Say
22 Lizz – Serial Lq Cut
23 Spielkamerad – Creepers (Vincent Hole Remix)
24 Alese Kosso – Nicandra (ALISONN Remix)
25 Radu Mirica – October 17
26 Derek Marin & Someone Else – Little Helper
27 Tunnel – Nostalgia
28 JSPR – Pl
29 Carlos Beltran – Southland
30 Elmar Strathe – 06
31 Deuce Parks – Dream Warriors
32 Lie2You – Run Out

Radio Ready--Black Coffee--In the Lab, November 2014

I've been holding on to this mix for a long time...

Almost a year and a half to be exact....

This is one of my favorite all time mix and it's by South Africa's own Black Coffee.

I have featured Black Coffee 2 times before here on Mode after seeing him open for Marques Wyatt in Oakland. As you may know, Black Coffee has been DJing since 1994 and began to get worldwide recognition in 2004 from his mix for the Red Bull Music Academy. In September 2015, he won the DJ of the year at Ibiza.

This mix was done at a club that is in the offices of MixMag magazine and it's an amazing set. There's no tracklisting, but it's great to enjoy and download.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #53--Seba--Drum 'n' Bass Arena Mix

One of my favorite websites is Drum 'n' Bass Arena out of the UK, If you have ever been a fan of d'n'b, this is one of the premiere websites to listen to mixes and newest productions. I used the website frequently when I was producing "Subterranean" in Atlanta.

I was feeling nostalgic this week.I was looking around for a mix this week and I found this exclusive mix that DJ Seba did for the website last month.

Seba isn't some random DJ. He's been around the d'n'b scene since 1995. I first heard of him through LTJ Bukem's label Good Looking records with his track with Lo-Tek called "Sonic Winds." A couple of years later, Seba started his own label Secret Operations in Sweden. Even though he was putting out some d'n'b tracks at that time, he was mainly mixing and producing house tracks. That was until 2003, when Secret Operations began increasing the amount of d'n'b tracks on their label.

This mix was done in celebration of 2 releases Seba did last December, "Jungle Music" and "Cloudless." You can read the interview and hear those tracks here. There's no tracklisting, but if you're a fan of 90's d'n'b or you want to know where dubstep sound generated from, this is the mix. Enjoy and download!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #52--Ron Pullman--Thunderous Grooves

After a 2 week break, Mode.Radio is back with our latest weekly mix!

DJ Ron Pullman is considered the Godfather of Southern House music. The Denver based DJ has his biggest audiences in many cities in the South including Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte and more. He has 30 years of experience DJing, opening for such acts as Larry Heard, Ron Trent, and Marques Wyatt.

We have had Ron on Mode.Radio many times before but it has been a couple of years. Recently, he's put out a couple of mixes and "Thunderous Grooves" is one of the best I have downloaded. Here's what he said about the mix:
I usually title my mixes based on "Life Experiences"... brief story how i titled this mix. As i was recording this mix it was thundering and lightning outside, (SMH, i know, crazy!) A blend of New and Classic House Tunes. Dedicated to my A T L House Family!!!

Enjoy and download!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holiday Daily Mix #7--DJ Soup--January 2016 Mix

It's our last mix in our Holiday Daily Mix series and I hope you have enjoyed every one of them.

I also hope you enjoy this last mix.

I was looking for a good mix and I stumbled upon DJ Soup out of British Columbia. Deep House loveliness only 2 Days old....

Soup helped grow the dance culture in Nelson BC Canada from a small town party scene to hosting one of the most legendary festivals in the world, Shambhala Music Festival CANADA.  He has performed from Europe to Brazil, all over the USA and Canada.

This mix is downloadable and completely worth it. Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Daily Mix #6--DJ Red--Late Night Sessions Vol. 24

Happy 2016 Mode.Radio Fam Bam!

I'm recovering....

Last night, I went out in Atlanta to Afrotopia to see DJ Kemit. Before I went, I got an alert from my old friend DJ Red (Wayne Alan Baugh) about an afterhours....

I had to go  (after the loveliness of Kemit and Salah Ananse) and now I'm recovering.

But at least my body hurts from good dancing. Now you can relive my experience by listening to this new daily mix from DJ Red. This was done 6 days ago and it's (as usual) pure house goodness. Great for recovering....

BTW, this is our next to last Holiday Daily Mix. Look out for a really good one tomorrow!