Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #34--DJ Spivey--The Ethan White Tribute Mix

Last month, fans and band members of Tortured Soul were shocked by the sudden death of Ethan White, Tortured Soul's keyboardist. You can read more about that here. So I was hoping to create a Tortured Soul/Ethan White dedication mix, but I actually stumbled upon this mix. This was done by Atlanta DJ Spivey and his thoughts on the mix definitely sums up what many Tortured Soul fans felt...

"When I first learned of Ethan White's passing a couple of weeks ago, I immediately pulled out some old Tortured Soul Records and begin to Play! Ethan wasn't "The Voice" of Tortured Soul but his Keyboard Playing and musical arraignments were totally instrumental in the bands Amazing Success. On this Tribute I featured TS's hits: "How's Your Life?", "Don't Hold Me Down" and "I Know What's On Your Mind." etc. But I also picked some tunes Ethan did Remixes and Reworks on as well. So If You love Tortured Soul, or just plain Love Good Music, Hold up a Glass and "Toast" The Man, Mr. Ethan White! (R.I.P) "

Enjoy and respect...

Decide (Ethan White's Easytracks Mix) by Jay-J feat. Big Brooklyn Red
I Know What's On Your Mind (Ethan White Remix) by Tortured Soul & Black Coffee
Find The Way (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal) by Ethan White & Lisa Shaw
Can't Keep Rhythm From a Dancer (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)
I Might Do Something Wrong (Ethan White Raindrops Remix) by Tortured Soul feat. N'Dea Davenport
Dirty (DJ Spinna Nostalgic Future Remix) by Tortured Soul
Don't Tell Me (You're Sorry) by Ethan White feat. Marie Tweek
Home To You (Ethan White Remix) by Tortured Soul
In My Fantasy (Ethan White Instr.) by Tortured Soul
Did You Miss Me (Deep & Soul Project Soul Mix) by Tortured Soul
Don't Hold Me Down (Quentin Harris Remix) by Tortured Soul
Enjoy It Now (Butterfunk's Extended Edit) by Tortured Soul
How's Your Life? (Alex Alvarez Remix) 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Radio Ready--Ladymode--Snowbound Part 1

Greetings all!
I've been away this past month, vacationing around the area and having visitors during my Spring Break, but now I'm back with a new Radio Ready. It's been a while but I wanted to drop this mix I did in February called "Snowbound." I actually did 4 Snowbound mixes, which I will feature throughout this year.

"Snowbound" comes from being snowbound here in Nashville during February and March with nothing to do, especially when my daughter was napping. So I got some tunes together, played around with a couple of DJ apps, and created these mixes. The tracks kind of go all over the place, ranging from disco and soul to Hip-Hop and Electronica. Hope you enjoy!

I Stand Alone--Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Common
Wecanonlybewhoweare--Crazy P (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
Mushroom Alignment--Benwaa
Give It Back--Gaelle
MFSB w/Me--Osmose
IGY--Donald Fagen
Lovely Day--Jill Scott
Butterfly--India Arie
Someone to Love Me--Mary J Blige feat. Diddy and Lil Wayne
Started from the Bottom--Drake
C.R.E.A.M.--WuTang Clan
Ya Playin' Yaself--Jeru the Damaja
Juicy--The Notorious BIG
Today Was A Good Day--Ice Cube
Strawberry Letter 23--The Brothers Johnson
Slipping in to Darkness--WAR
Bonita Applebum--A Tribe Called Quest
I Can't Go For That--Hall & Oates

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #33--Frankie Knuckles Live at Stereo--March, 2010

March 31 of this year marked the one year anniversary of the death of Frankie Knuckles, legendary House DJ and Producer. Ironically, I discovered this mix on that day through a Facebook link and it is amazing. The mix was done at Stereo in Montreal, Canada in 2010 and  was released the day after his death in 2014. Enjoy and happy Spring!

1. That Feeling--DJ Chus
2. Unknown
3. Pianissmo--Alfred Azzeto
4. Unknown
5. Krash--Liquid Dope
6. Unknown
7. Nocturnal--The Shapeshifters
8. Happiness--Bini
9. Unknown
10. Decide--Jay-J, Big Brooklyn Red
11. The Light--Jaime Lewis, Michelle Weeks
12. Unknown
13. Conqueror--Danny Clark, Jay Benham
14. Unknown
15. Can't Get Over You--Full Intention
16. Forever Came Today--Jackson 5
17. Unknown