Friday, March 27, 2009

RPM Challenge Listening Party Saturday March 28, 2009

I will at the RPM Challenge Listening Party in Oakland on Saturday March 28, 2009. They will be playing, along with 32 other songs, a track from my first album, From the A to the Bay. Hope to see you there! 
If you want to come here's the info:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladymode--From the A to the's monthly mixtape

I created an album of original material for the RPM Challenge ( and decided to have it as part of this month's mixtape. The album is called "From the A to the Bay" and it's includes elements of my experiences here in Bay Area CA and in my hometown of Atlanta GA.

The RPM Challenge was a contest where during the month of February contestants were to make 10 original songs, or 35 minutes of music and send it in. These albums are going to be played at listening parties in cities all over the US. Since I teach digital music as one of my classes, I challenged the students to do the assignment as well. 5 albums were created, including mine.
E-mail any comments!
1. Urban/Suburban Intro
2. Gettin' Ready
3. Vibe
4. e
5. Feelin'
6. MsE
7. SF at Night
8. Flying into ATL
9. Driving to the Club
10. Nightwalk (outro)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Subterranean Sessions Vol. 10--DJ Ideal

On the "Subterranean Sessions" we are featuring part 2 of a set by Atlanta DJ Ideal. He did this set on Atlanta radio's "Subterranean" back in September 2008.

Here's the tracklisting:

Lm1 & Indigo Sync - Remote Justice
Kubiks & Ztek - Level Plains
Simon V & Telmo A - The Rhythm Track
Beatman - Inka (SKC remix)
Phetsta - From My Eyes
Inside Info - Mega Drive One
Dan Marshall & Prime8 - Jungle Jazz (Dkay remix)
Noisia - Diplodocus
Glide - Karakuri
Offdate - Dozen
Beneath A Steel Sky - Scanner
Inside Info - The Verge
T-Phonic - The Haunting
Beneath A Steel Sky - Vikinga
Inside Info - Perfect Crime


Upcoming shows!'s blogger site was created to broadcast podcasts. So 4 shows will be broadcast this month:
  • Debut Series Vol. 10--Featuring ATL DJ KevinO
  • Subterranean Sessions Vol. 10--Featuring DJ Ideal also from Atlanta
  •'s monthly mixtape--Featuring Ladymode's original music
  • Finally, re-broadcasts of the Debut Series and Subterranean Sessions past episodes
So check in every day this month for new shows!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Debut Series Vol. 10--KevinO--Vibrations

ATL's KevinO is back with his latest downtempo mix, "Vibrations." It's a really good, chilled out set. Listen and make comments! For more info on KevinO, check out his website at

Listen HERE