Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Stash Vol. 17--Poobah

DJ and producer Poobah is gracing "The Stash" with his series of mixes called "Turkey Droppings." Poobah has 3 releases on Aerotecnica recordings, which he helped to start back in 2003. He also has releases under the Daydream outfit. He started dj'ing in 1993. His style has evolved over the years from trance to breakbeat and drum & bass to house to techno. You can listen to the set by clicking HERE

To check him out, you can go to these websites as well:
Arcenciel - orig - Guy Gerber, Luciano
Backroom Honey - orig - Saeed Younan
Ballad - dub - Angela K
Baseline - orig - Rene Breitbarth
Battle Scars - Passenger 10 rmx - Daniel Portman
Bipolar - Noir dop edit - Djuma Soundsystem
Blackeye P - orig - Fergie
Breathe - orig - Maya Jane Coles
Burn The With - No Brainer rmx - 2 Human Djs
Celia - orig - Amir
Crash - orig - Milton Jackson
Cuernos Cubanos - orig - Spektre, Matt Cooper
Curb - Patch Park dub - Patch Park
Cyngus - orig - D. Diggler
Daydream - Human8 rmx - KaraKuma ENV
Deal with it - Kanio rmx - Spektre

Debut Series Vol. 28--Munir Amastha--True Sounds

In a recent call for DJ mixes, was blessed with this liquid goodness from Atlanta based DJ Munir Amastha. Munir has heavily been on the scene since 2007, playing for mainly VOLT parties in Atlanta. Munir has played at the Masquerade, Swerve, and the Ice Gallery and has opened for Claude Von Stroke, among many artists. To learn more about Munir and hear exclusive tracks, go to his myspace and listen to his set HERE

1. Hosh - Better and Sweet
2. Einmusik - Atl Antis
3. Alex Niggemann - Makayuni
4. Wir Werden Sehen (solomun rmx)
5. Luca Lozano - Berlinetta
6. Simi - Under Naples
7. Spektre - The Ride (deeper rmx)
8. PRT Stacho - Collaboration
9. Moonface - Futurized Fears (Guy J rmx)
10. Xenia Beliayeva - Analog Effekt
11. Luca Lozano - Berlinnetta (J.Philip rmx)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Stash Vol 16--AK 1200, Dara, Dieselboy, with MC Dub 2 Live at Plaent of the Drums--2000

Planet of the Drums has been in existence since 2000. It's been an awesome touring group of the top D'n'B DJs: AK 1200. Dara, DieselBoy, and MC Messinian. This mix has been floating around since last year and it feature MC Dub2 from April, 2000. Listen Here!

01. Tech Itch - Dimensions - MSX
02. Baby Namboos - Hard Times (Decoder & Dieselboy remix) - Palm
03. Karl K - Synapse (Konflict remix) - Higher Education
04. Cause 4 Concern - Cerberus - Perspective
05. Hive - Ultrasonic Sound (Dillinja remix) - Vortex
06. Future Cut - Spawnpunch - RH
07. X-Men - Hangman - Double Zero
08. Loxy & Ink - Quasimodo - RH
09. Decoder - ???
10. Decoder - Tag - Hard Leaders
11. Beltram - Energy Flash (Dylan remix) - Raid
12. Tech Itch - ??? (36:36)
13. Danny Breaks - Mars to Jupiter - Droppin' Science
14. L Double - Bass II Dark VIP - Flex
15. Pascal & Monty - Landslide - Frontline
16. Supply & Demand - Show Me - Chronic
17. Brockie & Ed Solo - Lost Bass
18. Decoder - Dumb - Tech Itch

Debut Series 27--Sector--The World is a Ghetto Mix

Sector is an Atlanta based DJ, proficient in all styles of music. Hope you enjoy this d'n'b set from him! Listen to the mix HERE!

01.VTECH-World is a Ghetto
02.Dom&Roland feat.Noisia-Taijitsu
03.Trei&State of Mind-Thunder Biscuit
04.Camo&Krooked feat. Nina-Nano
05.The Upbeats-The Unearthly
06.BluMarTen-Bedroom Eyes
07.The Upbeats-Noises
09.The Upbeats-Laser Crypt
11.The Upbeats-Binge Drinker
12.Synesthesia-The Wayz She Got Me
14.Alix Perez-I'm Free
15.JMajik&Wickaman-Feel About You(Original Sin VIP)

Radio Ready--Keiran--Midtempo Swagger

For this month's Radio Ready, we're featuring a set from a friend of Mode.Radio, DJ Keiran. Based in Atlanta, Keiran has been influential in the dance scene. First with his crew, Earthtone Sound System, then later as the owner of the restaurant/pub P'Cheen, a hub for DJ acts from all over. He most recently did a set opening for the Pet Shop Boys. Keiran is a lover of the classics in House Music and he brings it every time he DJs out. Enjoy your Midtempo Swagger HERE!

1. Kool & the Gang--Summer Madness (Intro)
2. Juicy--Sugar Free
3. Kleer--Next Time It's for Real
4. Young Dog Alien--Gotta Keep Workin' It
5. Atlantic Conveyor--You Are
6. Social Disco Club--The Way You Move (K Ryda's Extended Intro Edit)
7. Ignition--Secret Sunday Lover--Greg Wilson Edit
8. Toby Tobias--The Feeling
9. Sleazy McQueen--She Was Totally My Disco Muse (Original Mix)
10. Sleazy McQueen--She Was Totally My Disco Muse--(Cole's Vocal Mix)
11. Solaris Heights--Rivers
12. Crazy P--I Think I Like You
13. Crazy P--Lost (Hot Toddy Dub)

Mode.Radio is 2 Years Old this month

Happy Birthday to! 2 years ago, I started because I had inherited recordings of my old drum 'n' bass radio show, Subterranean, and wanted to rebroadcast them once a month. Now, has grown to 3 shows, bi-weekly, and has DJ sets from all over North America. The future looks bright and I hope to expand the quality of mixes and get mixes from all over the world :)

For this month, look out for mixes from Keiran, Sector, Poobah, Munir Amastha, a live set from Planet of the Drums, and an annual mix!

Thank you to all the DJs and the fans for keeping going!