Thursday, February 4, 2010

Debut Series 27--Sector--The World is a Ghetto Mix

Sector is an Atlanta based DJ, proficient in all styles of music. Hope you enjoy this d'n'b set from him! Listen to the mix HERE!

01.VTECH-World is a Ghetto
02.Dom&Roland feat.Noisia-Taijitsu
03.Trei&State of Mind-Thunder Biscuit
04.Camo&Krooked feat. Nina-Nano
05.The Upbeats-The Unearthly
06.BluMarTen-Bedroom Eyes
07.The Upbeats-Noises
09.The Upbeats-Laser Crypt
11.The Upbeats-Binge Drinker
12.Synesthesia-The Wayz She Got Me
14.Alix Perez-I'm Free
15.JMajik&Wickaman-Feel About You(Original Sin VIP)

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