Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday Daily Mix #5--DJ Kemit--The Gift Pt. 3

Tonight is NYE and I'm going to my hometown of Atlanta to celebrate! Super excited to go to the Afrotopia event and see this guy DJ. His name is DJ Kemit.

We have featured Kemit once before on Mode.Radio in 2014 and lots of people enjoyed it. So I figured as a warm up to your NYE, a little deep house music for you.

Kemit's bio is varied. Originally from Milwaukee, he started in the entertainment industry while at Howard University. He started working with Atlanta's own Arrested Development, where he later became a DJ for their shows. He later helped produce their second album.He moved to Atlanta and began DJing around town. He's been a DJ for over 20 years.

In addition Kemit has maintain his production skills. His latest triumph was "4Evermore" by Anthony David, which became a number 1 song on the Adult Urban Charts and one of President Obama's favorite songs, causing them to invite Anthony David to a White House event.

Currently, Kemit has his debut album out "Everlasting" with tracks from great singers such as Frank McComb, Eric Roberson and more.

Enjoy this Daily mix (only 2 more to go!) and happy NYE!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday Daily Mix #4--Sergio Fedasz--Live at Seattle Eagle, October 2015

I first met Sergio Fedasz in the Bay Area when he was DJing in clubs throughout the city (aka San Francisco), had started a regular night called GO BANG!, and was on KALX 90.7 at UC Berkeley. I featured him 3 times here on Mode.Radio, but I hadn't featured him since 2010 and I figured it was about time. Here's a little info from his Resident Advisor bio:
In 2010, Sergio was voted San Francisco's best DJ by readers of SF Weekly. He creates amazing edits of vintage disco tracks with Allen Craig as The SyntheTigers, and they have begun producing original house music (with disco flourishes) released on their Mirrorball Records label. 

I've been following his adventures for a while and once I heard this mix done a couple of months ago, I knew I had to feature it. Enjoy and if you'd like a download, email me at

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Holiday Daily Mix #3--Earthtone Sound System @ Honeypot 15 Year Anniversary, Asheville, NC

As a baby raver growing up in Atlanta, I always went to parties hosted by the Earthtone Soundsystem, especially the outdoor parties at Piedmont Park. The collective of DJ's have expanded their love of music (especially disco) to other ventures, but throwing good parties is their first love.

Earthtone Soundsystem is a southeast DJ Collective with deep roots in the DIY free party movement of the early 90's. For over 15 years, Earthtone has hosted daytime park parties, late night warehouse parties, and has held numerous residencies at local clubs and galleries all over the southeastern  US.

This mix was done in Asheville, NC a couple of weeks ago and features tracks from Rodney Hunter, Discotron and more. Enjoy and if you want to download it, email at

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Daily Mix #2--The Martin Brothers--"Rainy Sunrise" Drum n Bass Mix

A couple of years ago, I was in a magazine shop in Oakland and bought a copy of Mixmag. If you know Mixmag, there's always a CD attached to it. This particular day in April 2013, the CD was Claude VonStroke mixing tracks from this Dirtybird label. The CD was called the "Dirtybird Players" and it was lovely, funky house goodness. So as I was coming up with the next daily mix, I stumbled upon two of the Dirtybird artists, Justin and Christian Martin, aka Dirtybird OGs or The Martin Brothers. It was a d'n'b mix and from a memorable label, so I decided to download it.

You won't be disappointed.

This set was done earlier this year at the DirtyBird Campout in SoCal and just released 6 days ago. They even did a Yule Log video on Vimeo with it playing in the background. There's no tracklisting, but it's enjoyable. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday Daily Mix#1--12/27/15--Osmose--LIVE inna fine style

This week only, Mode.Radio is featuring a mix everyday as a present to our fans. Our first feature is from one of Mode.Radio's favorite DJ's, Osmose. I have known Osmose since the early 2000's and the type of mixes that I fell the most in love with were is dub/reggae/roots mixes. So when I was looking at the Mode.Radio Soundcloud group and saw this mix that he did in November 2015, I was very excited.

Rocksteady. Reggae. Roots. Dub. Loveliness. Enjoy and download!

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #51--JBoogie--Treehouse Mix on Dublab

One of my favorite DJ's is JBoogie from San Francisco. This OM Records artists is a curator of groovy beats and I frequently download many of his live sets that he features on his blog,, or links from other music blogs.

We have featured a couple of mixes from JBoogie over the years so if you have listened to Mode.Radio, you'd know him. However, what many people don't know is that JBoogie is also heard on Pandora radio every day. He's the curator of Pandora's hip-hop, r&b, soul, and reggae stations. SO all those gems that you have heard on Pandora recently have come from him.

This mix was done for the podcast Dublab and their show Treehouse. It's a lovely set that is soulful and takes you to many places. Enjoy the set and watch JBoogie's interview about his Pandora work below.

Our Present to you! Happy Holidays from Mode.Radio!

It's Holiday Break and now that Christmas is over, I have more time to add some great mixes to this blog. I have found and received so many in the past couple weeks that I've decided to feature them everyday this week here on Mode.Radio. So this week only, we'll have our usual weekly mix, our Radio Ready mix on Jan. 1, and now our Holiday Daily Mix. I'll try and make sure that the daily mixes are downloadable, but if they are not, you can email at for download links.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #50--Mark Farina--Vinyl Feels 2.0

Happy December! The Thanksgiving/Kid's Birthday/Last few weeks of teaching school has been busy for me, so I'm super happy to be back to posting mixes again. Look for more mixes leading up to the new year.

One of my all time favorite DJs is Mark Farina. I have seen him plenty of times and adore him. Heads up, he's coming out with Mushroom Jazz Vol. 8 this month, so look out for it on his website,

In celebration, I got an all vinyl mix done by Mark in October of this year. House goodness all up in here! There's no tracklisting but it's great for the holiday season and it's downloadable. Enjoy!