Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Stash 19--David Bu Hau--Elektro Love Vol. 3

From the Bay Area, California, "The Stash" bring you the mixes of David Bu Hau, part of the Hellaswell crew. David is building up his rep as not only a DJ, but also a producer. Every track on this mix was either an original production of David's or a remix done by David. Despite the name, Elektro Love in NOT an Electro mix. You have to listen to find out what it is :) Enjoy!
Check out for more info on David and his crew and listen to the mix HERE


1: FSF -- Question

2: David Bu Hau -- 50 hz of Plur 2009

3: FSF -- Bass Oh Nine

4: David Bu Hau -- Dioxide 2009

5: FSF -- This Other One

6: FSF -- This One

7: FSF -- Hip 2009

8: Swell Sounds -- Elektro-Funk 2009

9: David Bu Hau -- Squelchies

10: FSF -- MPD 14

11: David Bu Hau -- Shorts

12: PJ Harvey -- Down By the Water (david bu hau 2009 remix)

13: David Bu Hau -- Lek-Tro

14. David Bu Hau -- Up With Trance Down With Pants 2009

15. David Bu Hau -- Supplimental 2009

16. FSF -- Zoned 2009

17. Weezer -- On Drugs (david bu hau 2009 remix)

Debut Series 30--Tru Lyfe--Hip-Hop vs DNB

The Debut Series would like to introduce Trulyfe, coming to you from Atlanta, GA. As an unknown DJ in the ATL scene, Trulyfe has been wrecking house parties for a minute now.
Back in 1999, an old roommate sold him a pair of decks and the house wrecking began. His style is gritty, hardcore/tech-step/jump-up and now dubstep. With a few hip-hop type intros in the oven as well as a crew in the works, "TRUE" keeps pushing for the love of the scene. Recently added to new and up and coming record label "Terror Recordings" and a member of R.E.D Radio, things ARE looking up for the 2010. Listen to his Mix HERE

Check out Trulyfe at the following websites:

1. Lil John & the Wastside boyz VS. Death robot Squad
2. Dreamcatcher-Subwave VS. 4KAST-Miss my Lovin'
3. Shy FX & T-power - Feelings
4. Atlantic Connection - Hanging on
5. Tester-Akon/Wyclef remix
6. Aprhodite- Rinsing Quince
7. Aaliyah Accapella

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Radio Ready--Christopher Sheehy--Superconnected

For this month's "Radio Ready" we are featuring DJ Christopher Sheehy. Christopher is veteran for the electronic music scene, starting back in 1998. At that time, Chris began dj’ing in Denver, CO where he incorporated the local west coast flavor into his unique sound with no limitations on style or genre. Known for his eclectic sets and seamless mixing, he blends a wide array of house, tech, tribal, progressive, and downtempo together in a way that is all his own.

Upon moving back to Atlanta in 2001, he and partner DJ Inc began hosting the Tempo parties at a series of different venues for over 7 years. During that time, Chris became a mainstay on the dj circuit, playing alongside some of the best local and international talent. At one time or another, he has been a featured performer at nearly every venue in the city, and with each performance his fan base continues to grow.

DJ Inc and Chris DJ every 2nd Thursday of every month at Proton Radio. Check out the mix HERE


De Funk – King of Sunset (Pezzner Mix 1) – Blacksoul Music
Lemon Popsicle – Turn The Tights (Kaiser Souzai Remix) – Yellow Tail
2020 Soundsystem – Sliding Away (Johnny D Vocal Mix) – 2020 Vision Recordings
Microdinamic – Digging The Pleasure (Guilty Pleasure Mix) – Polar Noise
Oliver Koletzki – Music From The Heart (H.O.S.H.’s Unbreak My Heart Remix) – Hell Yeah
Absence Of Essence, Habersham – Redneck Robotics (Dub Tool) – Lobotomy Records
Djuma Soundsystem – Bipolar (dOP Morning Remix) – Rebirth
STP – Velvet Ft. Holly Morris – I Records
Solomun – Second Kiss In Winter – Diynamic
D Dub – Bomoh – Takt
Terry Lee Brown Junior – Wait Ft. Robert Manos (Greg Parker Remix) – Plastic City
Terry Lee Brown Junior – Wait Ft. Robert Manos – Plastic City
Milton Jackson – Prototypes – Freerange Music
Stephane Attias - The Nine Planets – Freedom Soundz Production
Oriental Funk Stew – Sky High (Chuck Love Network Remix) – Amenti Music
Harold Heath – Super Real Ft. Nan Wood – Lost My Dog
Diego Velasco – Ocean Floor – Arabica
Tom Budden – Bloom – Alive Recordings
Blakkat - Haunted (Joeski Remix) – Shaboom
James Teej – I’m Human Now – Connect Four

The Stash Vol. 18--Fred Everything Live @ OM Winter Ball--Dec. 2009

Just before the vacation holiday, Om Records got down at Mighty in SF for their Om Winter Ball. This year’s line up included M3, Christian Martin, J-Boogie, Sleazemore, 40 Thieves, Davi, Errol and Fred Everything. Fred Everything’s set was bumping to the next level playing the best in tech to funky house. Mode.Radio was able to obtain an exclusive set, downloaded only by OM Members. There's no tracklisting, but this set is BANGIN'!!! So enjoy it HERE

Debut Series Vol. 29--K.So

Christian Thomas aka K.So, originally a transplant from Chicago, got a taste of dance culture at the age of 16 in some of the up-and-coming clubs of the Windy City. Being exposed to early Chicago house and radio mixes, Christian was immediately smitten. In 1994, Christian moved to Atlanta and discovered it's budding house and club scene at events taking place at 688 Spring Street, the Masquerade, and/or events being promoted by Liquified, Pleasure, and OuterLimits to name a few. K.So has been known to blow up circles, enjoying a battle or 2 on the dance floor, and helping to keep the vibe at parties thick.

Now a DJ of 15 years, K-So's experience as a dancefloor personality have given him the ability to keep heads bouncing and the asses moving. With Kazell (Kevin Bazell) being K-So's main influence over the years, others include many ATL local old-skoolers, nu-skoolers, and friends most notably J-Luv, Nasir, Rick Sierra, Kia, Ulysses, Rob Dowell, Justin Brady, Chris Meadows, and Shortee & Foust and many more. His international influences include LTJ Bukem, Danny Howells, Satoshi Tomiie, Hardware, Micro, Sasha & Digweed, Laurent Garnier, Mark Farina, Doc Martin, DJ Dan, Dubtribe, Stanton Warriors, Koma and Bones, Plump DJs, Icey, Simply Jeff, Chemical Brothers, Art of Trance/POB/Union Jack, Hardkiss Brothers, Lee Burridge, Quivver, Jimmy Van M, Baby Anne, Sandra Collins, Andy Hughes, Sandy, Carl Cox, Hardware, Kimball Collins, Layo & BushWacka, Hipp-e and Halo, Jimpster, and Timewriter.

K-So specializes mainly in house and tech house and likes to bring it dirty, funky, sexy, nasty, techy, housey, and deep—depends on the spot and the vibe.

K-So has introduced many people to the ATL EDM scene and hopes to offer the influx of people who are ready let go and dance. Enjoy this mix HERE!


01 I Wanna Be Dancin' - Original - The Glass
02 Reader - Pooley's Mix - Ian Pooley, Zoo Brazil
03 Lain's Birthday - Lain Christoph
04 2012 - Alex Niggemann Remix - DeepDish
05 House Gangster feat. Wally Cal - Wally Callerio
06 Rattlesnake Suitcase & El Lechero - Basti Grub
07 Ten Thousand Bridges - Original - Darius Syrossian
08 Point Of No Return - Original - Johhny D
09 Andy's Boutique - Original - Heatflow
10 Concumbia - Original Mix - Worthy, Yankee Zulu
11 La Taverna Eslovena feat. Ryo - Ryo Peres, Webbha
12 Le Flamenc (ARA Soundsystem Rmx) - Miguel Puente
13 Sun Step - Original Mix - Oxia
14 Flicking Pages (Peter Horrevor) - The Timewriter
15 Whole Life - Original Mix - Oxia
16 Only Love - John Tejada Vocal - Way Out West
17 Stereo Flo - Felix Baumgartner - Dada, Harris & Obernik
18 Little Battle - Original Mix - Mistral M
19 Ahh Shit (Original Mix) - Peat Noise
20 Crane - Original Mix - Einmusik
21 Greasy Beats feat. Bootsy Collins - Claude VonStroke
22 Encore - Noze