Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #65--Greg Wilson--Live at Music Room Atlanta May 2016

The past two weeks I've been driving from Nashville to Atlanta tending to my father's medical issues. It's a short trip compared to coming from Oakland to Atlanta and it gives a lot of time to think and listen to music. So this weekend for my drive I download this mix from my friends at The Music Room in Atlanta. This was a mix done during their 2 year anniversary event in May of this year and it'

Very sexy, Disco sexy...just damn sexy.

The DJ is Greg Wilson. A legend in the electro scene since the 1980's and from Manchester, England, Greg has been heavily influenced by soul and disco and responsible for producing soul and hip-hop tracks in the 80's and 90's. He recently began to document the history and current state black music in England on his website ElectroFunkRoots and currently runs a blog called Being a DJ.

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #64--Dr. Fu Man Chu--Return of the Astrobump

It's been a while since we've had a weekly mix because I have truly enjoyed my summer off as a teacher :) This mix really goes along with my chill summer and ironically, it was done by a DJ who is also a teacher enjoying his summer!

I met Dr. Fumanchu in Atlanta in the mid 90's. One of the best chill, hip-hop DJ's in the scene, he handled his biz. Working at Rewind Records, he was always the first to grab downtempo tracks. He, like all of us, made a life change and became a teacher in Philly but never forgot his roots.

This mix features a lot of Stone's Throw including Quasimoto, Dilla, and more. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #63--Queen Majesty--Mix for Intermission, May 2016

Sunday mornings at my house consists of my husband cooking breakfast, my kid looking at the comic page and me reading the newspaper listening to a dub mix. Sometimes I listen to WRAS 88.5FM online and sometimes I play DJ Mixes. Today I was looking for a new mix and hit up Recess NYC's Intermission website. I was pleasantly surprised by this mix from Brooklyn's Queen Majesty.

Queen Majesty has been DJing for over 20 years and had two radio shows on East Village Radio, up until 2014. Along with that she's a business owner with her own hot sauce line. Loving this mix and hope it makes any day of your week chill.



  1. Depth Charge - Keith Hudson
  2. Numbers Dub - King Tubby
  3. Love Land - Sound Dimension
  4. Live Wire - Soul Brothers
  5. Voodoo Moon - Jackie Mittoo
  6. El Bang Bang - Jackie Mittoo
  7. Julia Sees Me - Exodus
  8. Reggae Rock - Jackie Mittoo
  9. Sidewalk Doctor Part Too - Jackie Mittoo
  10. Luanda - CS Dodd
  11. Push Pull - Pablove Black
  12. Little Sunshine - Jackie Mittoo
  13. Russian Satellite - Jackie Mittoo

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Radio Ready--Ladymode--Soul of the City Mix 2

Hello all!
It's been a while since I posted a Radio Ready mix and the last one I posted was a mix I did when I auditions for an on-air position on WXNA 101.5FM radio in Nashville.

Well starting June 9, my radio show "Soul of the City" will FINALLY be on the air and on the internet. You can listen to it on TunedIn at WXNA or on their website It took a while because of antenna issues but we're ready to go now!

"Soul of the City" is a departure from Mode.Radio because it's more of a neo-soul than electronica. But not to worry, I will still be maintaining the electronic sounds on this blog.

So here are all the links to the socials for Mode.Radio and Soul of the City:

Mode.Radio's FB:
Mode.Radio's Twitter: @moderadiopod
Mode.Radio's email:

Soul of the City's FB:
Soul of the City's Twitter: @soulofthecity9
Soul of the City's email:

Enjoy this mix and listen to "Soul of the City" Thursdays 4-6 PM CST in Nashville, TN!

Foreign Exchange--Happiness
Ohmega Watts--Your Love
Prince--Hot Thing
Vikter Duplaix--Looking For Love
Omar--I Love Being with You
Kendrick Lamar--These Walls
Res--Ice King
Amel Larrieux--Get Up
Erykah Badu--Gone Baby, Don't Be Long
Nuyorican Soul--I am the Black Gold of the Sun
Michael Jackson--Butterflies
The System--Don't Disturb This Groove

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Weekly Mix #62--Rick Sierra--May 2016 Mix

Happy Mother's Day

I'm relaxing, enjoying my day quite nicely, listening to upcoming mixes for Mode.Radio and getting ready for my show on WXNA ( A lot of the mixes I'm listening to are nice, summer house mixes and this is one of them

I have been a fan of Rick Sierra ever since he moved to Atlanta from Florida in the 90's. He's opened for BT, De La Soul, Tommie Sunshine, and many many more artists.

Now living in Colorado, he's slowly getting back into DJing after  brief hiatus. This was his latest mix that he did this weekend.

Enjoy the deep house goodness

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #61--Mark Farina--Timetable Mix, March 2016

Mode.Radio is back!

It's been a very busy April for me with work stuff, radio ( stuff, and family/kid stuff, but I'm back with one of my eternal favorite DJ's.

I present to you DJ Mark Farina.

We have featured Mark sooo many times on Mode.Radio. But in case you forgot, Mark is originally from Chicago but is most connected with San Francisco since he moved there in the 90's and brought its cool vibe to house music. He's most well known for his "Mushroom Jazz" series, which there will (hopefully) be a Mushroom Jazz 8 coming this year. "Mushroom Jazz" is also celebrating its 25 anniversary so Mark is out touring in support.

This mix is a new house mix that came out last month, with a lot of underground tracks. There's no tracklisting, but this is so worth a listen!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #60-- Dubfire--Live at Ultra Music Fest--March 19, 2016

One of my favorite festivals, the Ultra Festival (coinciding with the Winter Music Conference) went down in Miami this past week. My days of going to Miami for the festival are over (yay, mommyhood...) but I still love hearing the sets that are coming up on line from the event.

It's been so long since we've had a good techno mix on Mode, so why not have one of the best, Dubfire? Dubfire was part of the duo Deep Dish. Born in Iran and raised in the US, Dubfire (Ali Shirazinia) started Deep Dish in 1991 with a more house sound. The group won a Grammy in 2002 for their remix of Dido's "Thank You." Dubfire started producing his own tracks in 2007 and has been out on his own since.