Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #73--Kimball Collins--Positivibes Vol. 1

Kimball Collins was a definite part of my 90's raver existence. The Florida based DJ helped to bring the Florida Breakbeat sounds out of the Orlando area to international acclaim. Kimball is still a producer and DJs all over the world.

This mix is from 1995 and was one of the first mix CDs from him. It's been recently rediscovered by us old school ravers and has been promoted on the internet recently.


1 Virtualmismo, Cosmonatica 
2 Hysteria (3), Love Nature '94
3 –Louding Crew Morigan 
4 –Bhasmantan Wicked
5 –Creative Sam Dance In Paradise
6 –Janice Robinson Children 
7 –Thelma Houston Don't Leave Me This Way 
8 –JT Company Live My Life 
9 –Armante Love Me, Leave Me 
10 –Justine Want Me, Love Me
11 –Kamasutra Nightwall

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #72--DJ AppleJac--Unhooked Generation; Black Love Live 7/16/16

DJ Applejac has been a regular on Mode.Radio for many years and this mix I fell in love with this summer. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #71--Eastman Garcia for Intermission

It's been a whirlwind 2 months, but we're back with a good mix for the Thanksgiving holidays and all those slightly uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table.

San Francisco based DJ Eastman Garcia did a mix that reflects some of the feelings of how 2016 has been going...Enjoy!


  1. Kanye West - The Good The Bad The Ugly (Eastman_G Intro Bootleg Edit )
  2. Erykah Badu - Twinkle 2
  3. The Roots - Take It There ft. Wadud Ahmad
  4. The Roots - Livin In A New World ft. John John
  5. Kanye West - Crack Music ft. The Game
  6. Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
  7. Jay-Z - Heaven
  8. Kanye West - Say You Will
  9. Mos Def - Kalifornia
  10. Mel & Tim - Keep The Faith (Eastman_G Bootleg Edit)
  11. Fitzroy - Philosophy

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix # 70--Tommie Sunshine Vs Frankie Bones--Even Furthur 2016

The Even Furthur Fest was this summer in Wisconsin and as a surprise, superstar DJs Tommie Sunshine and Frankie Bones tagged on the closing set.

Tommie grew up going to the original Furthur festival while living in the Chicago. I've been a huge fan of Tommie's since he left Atlanta to focus entirely on his music. When I knew him in Atlanta, he ran the legendary Satelite Records and shared his love of electronic music with everyone who entered the store.

Frankie Bones is a legendary NYC based house DJ who coined the phrase PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). He has produced several tracks, some of which have been used for such events like Berlin's Love Parade.

No Tracklist because it was a complete surprise...Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Mode Radio's Weekly Mix #69--Osmose--Caffeine Supreme Vol. 2

DJ Osmose has been a BIG part of the Mode.Radio family since our inception in 2008. His range of DJ mixes from Disco to Reggae and everything else in between has been featured on this blog. It' been a while since we have featured him, so I decided to go to Soundcloud and see his latest.

I'm in love with this mix he did for CaffeineSupreme last month

As he states it: "Quality Music For Forward People" and that's what he has been doing for many years! 



The New Black ­ "Freeze Up" ­ Midnight Riot
Al Kent ­ "Come Back Home" ­ Razor n Tape
LTJ Xperience ­ "Walking Groove" ­ Irma
Luca Trevisi LTJ ­ "Off Street" ­ NBST
Skylevel ­ "Don’t Abuse It" (Skylevel edit) ­ Skylevel 
Frank Booker ­ "Get On" ­ Untracked
Hotmood ­ "Superstar" ­ Tugboat Edits
Fouk ­ "Cat Lady" ­ Outplay
The Silver Rider ­ "Tell Me" ­ Editor’s Kutz
Secret Squirrels ­ "Secret Squirrels #10 Side A" ­ Secret Squirrels 
Chris Shennan ­ "Without Luv" ­ Wax Digits
MA­Yorkins ­ "Josefina (MA­Yorking’s Re­Edit)" Adult Music Ent
Rare Cuts ­ "I Didn’t Take" ­ Masterworks Music
Eleanore Mills ­ "I”m Gonna Get You" ­ Soul Brother Records
Gloria Ann Taylor ­ "Brother Less Than A Man" ­ Luv n’ Haight

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #68--Nebraska--Boiler Room Set

UK based DJ Nebraska has been floating around internationally since the mid 90's. His sets are always fun and this set is no exception. When his crew, Heist Recordings tookover Boiler Room earlier in July, Nebraska put on a killer set.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #67--The Beat Broker--Beach Boogie

Hailing from San Francisco, I'd like to introduce The Beat Broker.

I stumbled upon this set from Dream Chimney, a Bay Area based crew that posts DJ mixes on their website, The Beat Broker has been DJ out since 2001 and expanding to doing the weekly 'POP' parties in San Francisco. You can here more of his mixes at

This mix features all kinds of disco goodness! Enjoy!

Das Komplex - Slap
Benedek - Coolin' 
Prins Emanuel - Land of Joy
Nu Guinea - the Birds Rejoice
Liquid Pegasus - However Do U Want Me 
Black Spuma - Metallo Nero
Julian Sanza Ft. Lol√≥ Gasparini - Yayaya 
Asa Moto - Wanowan Efem
Project Pablo - Warm Priority
Conga Radio - Party Smokes
Andras & Oscar - Looking Back (Tornado Wallace Dub)
Jack J - Thurstin'
Ponzu Island - Super Koto (Andras Fox Extended Mix)
Zanzibar Chanel - Ass
Dan Lissvik - M
The Poncho Brothers - Amantes Latinos (Zoovox Remix)
Lord Julien - Shades