Monday, August 25, 2014

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mixes #16--Levente--Munich Sessions 7.0 from Ibiza

For this week's mix, I decided to feature something that the "burners" would like. If you don't know what I'm talking about, the annual Burning Man festival started this week and thousands are converging on Black Rock City in Nevada this week. When I first heard this mix, the only thing I could think of is how this mix would set things off right.

Levente is a Hungarian producer who has ties to San Francisco. His track "Tumbling" was featured on Renaissance's The Masters Series with Nick Warren in 2013. He has a regular mix show on Deep House Parade Radio called the "Munich Sessions." This is the 7th episode in the series, uploaded 10 days ago. You can check out more of his mixes and tracks on his Soundcloud page.



Intro - Unkle - Nowhere
Apparat - A Bang in the Void
Touch and Go - Hold Me Touch Me
RÜFÜS - Sundream (Tâches Remix)
Soul Button and Sasch - Little People
Digitaria - Shine
Digitaria and Funky Fat - You Bring Me Down
Moonbeam and Recardo Tobar - Mi Pieza Esta Llena De Cosas (Max Cooper Remix)
Minilogue - Certain Things Part 1 (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
Larissa Kapp - Lost Piano (Whare Wurlitzer Dub)
Moser - Keep Rules
Hunter Game - Don’t Feel the Presence
Butch feat. Benjamin Franklin) - Highbeams (Maceo Plex Remix)
Inner Rebels - You and Me (Mika Olson Remix)
Lexer - My Princess

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #15--Silicone Soul--20 years of Subculture Mix

It was a tough decision for this week's mix. I had a choice between 3 mixes, all of which were really innovative. But this mix kept bringing me back and making my head nod. It also helped that it was only 2 weeks old. :)

Silicone Soul is a house music production team from Glasgow, Scotland and have released 5 albums since 2000. This mix they did for legendary Glasgow club, Subculture, which celebrated its 20 year anniversary this past weekend. This mix is full of lovely house rhythms, with tracks from Maceo, Audion, Daniel Avery, and more. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #14--Basecamp--Guest Mix for BBC's Radio 1

Our weekly mixes are back after a summer hiatus. I have made the long move from Oakland to Nashville during the month of July. So, it seemed appropriate to feature a Nashville based group. Basecamp.

Basecamp is 3 members: Aaron Miller, Aaron Harmon, and Jordan Reyes. They were all individually producers until the came together to write and produce. Their first track, "Emmanuel," has received a lot of attention in the EDM scene.

Basecamp started in Nashville and been producing remixes and tracks for quite a while. Their genre is mainly r&b and house, but they've gotten some international acclaim with their self-titled EP put out August 2013 and their mix for BBC's Radio 1 at the beginning of this year. It's that mix that we are featuring now. Enjoy! Also learn more about Basecamp from their Facebook


Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire - Time (123Mrk remix)
Andrea Di Rocco - The Past Present
Motez - Ride Roof Back
ARME - My Luv
BASECAMP - Rydia (Joe Hertz Remix)
Wilfred Giroux - Stronger
Passion Pit - Constant Conversations (Noah Breakfast Remix ft. Juicy J)
Mariah Carey - Shake It Off (Mikos and Tele Bootleg)
Trippy Turtle - Southside Deep
Ellie Golding - Figure 8 (French Fries Club Mix)
YOLO Bear - Whitney VS. Brandy
STWO - Try To Resist
Jo Def - B Mine

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mode. Radio Weekly Mix #13--Kryptonica DJs--The Journey--Chillout

Summer is coming...It's not too hot and not to cool and I figured this would be a great time to get a chill relax mix for those warm days. Kryptonica Sonya and Kryptonica Cesar together we are called Kryptonica djs. They are from Milan, but they started their dj career in London back in the 90's. 
Their independent label is called "KRYPTOFABBRIKK RECORDS"  and their style is normally indie, house, and tech house, so this chill mix is a departure. Enjoy!

Getting ready for a big move and dealing with the end of my school year..

Hey Mode.Radio Fans!
Seems like I've been apologizing for delays in updating this blog since my daughter was born. I guess life really does change when you have kids, but one thing that hasn't is my love for electronic music. I'm planning on continuing to maintain this blog as long as I can with the latest in good music.

Well, y'all, another change is coming next month...I'm moving. Mode.Radio and myself will be moving to Nashville TN for my husband's job relocation. As a ATL girl, I'm super excited to get back closer to home. Plus this move is closer to my husband's family. But I'm also sad because the Bay Area is an amazing, beautiful place. It was an adjustment living here at first, but after a while, the crazy, beautiful Bay became my home. To be honest, though, you've got to pay to play here and sometimes the price is very high...

I'm dealing with this as school (teaching is my real job) is ending in a couple of weeks. Mentally I'm in summer mode now and have spent hours picking out and listening to some amazing mixes. Look out for links to mixes from my Soundcloud group, some (really good) mixes from some Nashville DJs, (maybe) a good bye Bay Area mix, and some returns of old favorites.

Summertime...where the living is easy :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #12--?uestlove Live @ Boiler Room NYC

Greetings Mode.Radio Fans!
It's been a couple of weeks because I've been on a whirlwind Spring Break trip to AZ, GA, and TN with a 2 year old. Marinate on the drama for a sec....

While I was gone, I downloaded this mix from ?uestlove and couldn't take it out of my ears. It's from a year ago and all the tracks are J Dilla in honor of the anniversary of his passing. There's no tracklisting, but you don't need it. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mode. Radio Weekly Mix (Special Episode) #11--Frankie Knuckles--Boiler Room NYC Mix

Many of you may have heard the shocking news yesterday (or today) of the death of House music legend, Frankie Knuckles. Frankie died at age 59 from complications from type 2 diabetes. Up until his death, Frankie was still very active in the house music scene. A little bio on his life from Wikipedia:

"Frankie Knuckles (January 18, 1955 – March 31, 2014) was an American DJ, record producer, and remixer.He was born Francis Nicholls in the Bronx borough of New York City and later moved to Chicago. He played an important role in developing and popularizing house music in Chicago during the 1980s when the genre was in its infancy. In 2005, Knuckles was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame for his achievements.
Due to his importance in the development of the genre, Knuckles was often known as "The Godfather of House Music",and as such the city of Chicago named a stretch of street and a day after Knuckles in 2004. In 2005, Frankie was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame."
One of his songs that always got me twisted on the dance floor was "The Whistle Song." Listen to it here: 

This weekly mix we are featuring comes from Bolier Room and it was released on May 2013 in NYC. Respect, Enjoy,  and RIP....