Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Stash 27--K.So--Plur Hambone Hippie Taco Mix (it's Downtempo...)

For this episode of The Stash, we're bringing back K.So. We had him on last March for the Debut Series and now he has blessed us with a downtempo mix, recorded this year! Check out more of K.So's mixes at http://warmartmusic.com/

1. These Habits - Oliver Koletzki
2. Love Affair - Dalminjo feat. Hilde Drange
3. huge Sunshine - Vision Factory feat. Maxime
4. Still Beautiful - Late Night Sneaky
5. Big Up Style - Late Night Sneaky
6. Golden Treasure - Dubdiver
7. Ohhhh Ma Ma Ma - Laird and John Pickett
8. Aired Fiction - Blue Pilots Project
9. Inner Dub -Glide, Swerve
10. For Your Love Dub - J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science
11. God's Gift - Blue Pilots Project
12. Egypt - Water
13. Main Crisis - Blue pilots project
14. Constantly Yours - The Havana - Ramesh

Debut Series 37--Black Daniels--After 9 Unwind

Hailing from Atlanta by way of Toronto, Canada, Black Daniels, aka Marcel, has been a figure in Atlanta’s music industry for nearly a decade. He began his journey at the 100,000 watt powerhouse college station, WRAS, as a part of the nationally recognized Weekend Wreckin’ Crew. Under his influence, the station received a slew of nominations and awards during his tenure as Music and Program Director. Black Daniels regularly releases mixtapes highlighting more progressive and avant-garde selections, ranging from Neo Soul to underground Hip Hop. In the clubs, however, he's more likely to mix those selections with other tracks that makes people move.

You can find out more about DJ Black Daniels on his Myspace and through his crew, the 5 Star Generals

Gayngs/The Gaudy Side Of Town
Erykah Badu/Strawberry Incense
Georgia Anne Muldrow/King's Ballad
Me'Shell NdegeOcello/Love You Down
DJ Cam/Seven
DJ Center feat. Samia Farah/Tout Passe
RJD2 feat. Kenna/Games You Can Win
Black Spade/New U
Miguel feat. J. Cole/All I Want Is You
Exile/Love Line
Self Scientific/Designer Music
Jazz Liberatorz/Blue Avenue
Dimlite/Diana Won't

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Radio Ready--DJ Eve--Mix for m:cast.net--May 2010

Mode.Radio was blessed with a link to a mix that our friend Eve did for m:cast radio (http://m-cast.net) in May. Since she's always been a friend of Mode.Radio, we wanted to feature this excellent Ambient mix on our podcast as well. So enjoy and check out the other original mixes on http://m-cast.net or http://edenfm.net!

HFB – Broken Fifth Harmony
Verbrilli Sound – Naiads
I Am Not a Gun – Unseen Moment
Two Lone Swordsmen – Spin Bubbles
The Orb – Lost and Found
HFB – 65000
Hataken – Quest with Goddess (feat. LadyEve)
Arovane – Lillies
Mu Tanz – Falling in Love Again
Arovane – Ambelio
Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr. – Shibuya
LadyEve – Meiji Sunbeams
Global Communication – Amor Real (Jon Anderson rmx)
Olive – Not Alone (Synamatix rmx)
Gunshae – Sound Washed Ashore (Tokyo edit)
Trentmoeller – Miss You
Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Better Day
Hataken – Mysterious Islands
Bjork – Hyperballad (rmx)
KLF – Madrugada Eterna
Dream Academy – Please please let me get what I want

The Stash 26--Nick Warren--Cosmic Space

Nick Warren has been a staple in the electronic/DJ scene for years. His eight House music albums for Global Underground are legendary and he's currently making history again with his duo, Way Out West. In July 2008, Nick placed this mix, Cosmic Space, on the net for everyone to hear and Mode.Radio decided to bring it back. It's a very chill, loungy set, great for the summer time. So enjoy and check out Nick's website at http://nickwarrendj.com/


01. Hatchback - White Diamond
02. Lexx - Axis Shift
03. Chateau Flight - GRN Aventurine
04. Lexx - Mahogany Instrumental
05. Lexx - Slow Burning (Mudd Remix)
06. Smith & Mudd - The Start
07. ID
08. Aeroplane ft. Kathy Diamond - Whispers
09. Low Motion Disco - Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Wolfy's Forgiveness Mix)
10. Frontera - Walking In The Rain
11. Wallis Bird - Counting To Sleep (Reverso 68 Remix)

12. Simone Fedi - Sub Space (Out Of City Remix)

Debut Series 36--Lefrenk--Live @ Rawmatroid Showcase, A Coruna Spain

From A Coruna, Spain, the Debut Series is proud to feature DJ Lefrenk. Lefrenk was born in A Coruna with a love for electronics and the music it created. He has blessed the Mode.Radio dropbox with several mixes and original tracks, but this one was loved the most. Enjoy this live, minimal techno set of mostly original tracks and you can find out more about Lefrenk at http://www.lefrenk.com/


01. Intro of Kinhos (Aka Perlss Dj) Live Tai-Chi 00:00
[Superssonica Netlabel]

02. Monosurround - All night long (Lefrenk Remix) 00:40
[Unreleased MS Records Label]

03. Lefrenk - SquareSawSine (Original Mix) 05:53
[Free Download Rawmatroid Netlabel]

04. Lefrenk - Free Moments (Original Mix) 10:53

05. Lefrenk - Pom Pom (Original Mix) 14:53
[Fever Sound Label)

06. Intensitive - Infusion (Lefrenk Remix) 19:38
[Unusual Sound Label]

07. Lefrenk - Sipadan (Original Mix) 26:38

08. Mumzoo - Eleven (Lefrenk Deep Remix) 31:53
[Unusual Sound Label]

09. Crazy Minds - I can´t stop you (Lefrenk Remix) 38:27
[San Trincha Music Label]

10. Guidewire - Techno took my soul (Lefrenk Remix) 44:28
[Fierce Animal Label]

11. JackiRoqs - La roq (Lefrenk Remix) 50:56
[AkiRush Label]

12. Mumzoo - Independence (Lefrenk Remix) 57:26
[Unusual Sound Label]

13. Lefrenk - European feedback (Original Mix) 60:57

14. Lefrenk - Reformas (Original Mix) 63:10
[Unusual Sound Label]

Lefrenk - Live at Rawmatroid Showcase 2010 (Fanzine Club, A Coruña, Spain) Free Download by lefrenk