Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Stash 27--K.So--Plur Hambone Hippie Taco Mix (it's Downtempo...)

For this episode of The Stash, we're bringing back K.So. We had him on last March for the Debut Series and now he has blessed us with a downtempo mix, recorded this year! Check out more of K.So's mixes at http://warmartmusic.com/

1. These Habits - Oliver Koletzki
2. Love Affair - Dalminjo feat. Hilde Drange
3. huge Sunshine - Vision Factory feat. Maxime
4. Still Beautiful - Late Night Sneaky
5. Big Up Style - Late Night Sneaky
6. Golden Treasure - Dubdiver
7. Ohhhh Ma Ma Ma - Laird and John Pickett
8. Aired Fiction - Blue Pilots Project
9. Inner Dub -Glide, Swerve
10. For Your Love Dub - J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science
11. God's Gift - Blue Pilots Project
12. Egypt - Water
13. Main Crisis - Blue pilots project
14. Constantly Yours - The Havana - Ramesh