Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #54--Richie Hawtin--Essential Mix, Live from LA, January 30, 2016

Yes, you read the title correctly...this weekly mix was broadcasted yesterday on BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix

And it's phenomenal!

Some people consider Ritchie Hawtin a British DJ. Some people say he's a Canadian DJ and still some call him a Detroit DJ. In actuality, he's all 3, Born in the UK, Ritchie later moved to Windsor, Canada, across the border from Detroit. He started the wave of techno DJs that came out of the Detroit area in the late 80's. He has since evolved to a producer and a record label exec.


Here's the tracklisting:
01 Andres Campo – White (Lander B & Oscar Escapa Remix)[FLORIDA]
02 Mladen Tomic – 7 30 Drink
03 KH – Smoky
04 A++ & Lolla Tek – Lucy Overdrive (Ovi M Remix)[BLACK KAT]
05 Macromism – Alphabet (ANNA Remix)[OCTOPUS]
06 Dee Green – Pure
07 Pig&Dan – Lizard King (Julian Jeweil Remix)[ELEVATE]
08 J. Phlip & Huxley – What You Want (Vin Sol Remix)
09 Kronoxs Gaist – Blakk
10 Nuno Lisboa – Inapt V5 Demo
11 Alka Rex – Orleans Bradel (Kamran Sadeghi Remix)
12 Carlo Ruetz – Prayer Demo
13 K.A.M.A. – Allen Anacharca
14 Joy Orbison – A213[RUSH HOUR]
15 Bleeding – Madness
16 Bass Clann – Day By Day
17 ID – ID
18 Anestie Gomez – Suffo
19 ID – ID
20 Sakro – Lemonade
21 Reduction – Pablo Say
22 Lizz – Serial Lq Cut
23 Spielkamerad – Creepers (Vincent Hole Remix)
24 Alese Kosso – Nicandra (ALISONN Remix)
25 Radu Mirica – October 17
26 Derek Marin & Someone Else – Little Helper
27 Tunnel – Nostalgia
28 JSPR – Pl
29 Carlos Beltran – Southland
30 Elmar Strathe – 06
31 Deuce Parks – Dream Warriors
32 Lie2You – Run Out

Radio Ready--Black Coffee--In the Lab, November 2014

I've been holding on to this mix for a long time...

Almost a year and a half to be exact....

This is one of my favorite all time mix and it's by South Africa's own Black Coffee.

I have featured Black Coffee 2 times before here on Mode after seeing him open for Marques Wyatt in Oakland. As you may know, Black Coffee has been DJing since 1994 and began to get worldwide recognition in 2004 from his mix for the Red Bull Music Academy. In September 2015, he won the DJ of the year at Ibiza.

This mix was done at a club that is in the offices of MixMag magazine and it's an amazing set. There's no tracklisting, but it's great to enjoy and download.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #53--Seba--Drum 'n' Bass Arena Mix

One of my favorite websites is Drum 'n' Bass Arena out of the UK, If you have ever been a fan of d'n'b, this is one of the premiere websites to listen to mixes and newest productions. I used the website frequently when I was producing "Subterranean" in Atlanta.

I was feeling nostalgic this week.I was looking around for a mix this week and I found this exclusive mix that DJ Seba did for the website last month.

Seba isn't some random DJ. He's been around the d'n'b scene since 1995. I first heard of him through LTJ Bukem's label Good Looking records with his track with Lo-Tek called "Sonic Winds." A couple of years later, Seba started his own label Secret Operations in Sweden. Even though he was putting out some d'n'b tracks at that time, he was mainly mixing and producing house tracks. That was until 2003, when Secret Operations began increasing the amount of d'n'b tracks on their label.

This mix was done in celebration of 2 releases Seba did last December, "Jungle Music" and "Cloudless." You can read the interview and hear those tracks here. There's no tracklisting, but if you're a fan of 90's d'n'b or you want to know where dubstep sound generated from, this is the mix. Enjoy and download!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #52--Ron Pullman--Thunderous Grooves

After a 2 week break, Mode.Radio is back with our latest weekly mix!

DJ Ron Pullman is considered the Godfather of Southern House music. The Denver based DJ has his biggest audiences in many cities in the South including Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte and more. He has 30 years of experience DJing, opening for such acts as Larry Heard, Ron Trent, and Marques Wyatt.

We have had Ron on Mode.Radio many times before but it has been a couple of years. Recently, he's put out a couple of mixes and "Thunderous Grooves" is one of the best I have downloaded. Here's what he said about the mix:
I usually title my mixes based on "Life Experiences"... brief story how i titled this mix. As i was recording this mix it was thundering and lightning outside, (SMH, i know, crazy!) A blend of New and Classic House Tunes. Dedicated to my A T L House Family!!!

Enjoy and download!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holiday Daily Mix #7--DJ Soup--January 2016 Mix

It's our last mix in our Holiday Daily Mix series and I hope you have enjoyed every one of them.

I also hope you enjoy this last mix.

I was looking for a good mix and I stumbled upon DJ Soup out of British Columbia. Deep House loveliness only 2 Days old....

Soup helped grow the dance culture in Nelson BC Canada from a small town party scene to hosting one of the most legendary festivals in the world, Shambhala Music Festival CANADA.  He has performed from Europe to Brazil, all over the USA and Canada.

This mix is downloadable and completely worth it. Enjoy!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Daily Mix #6--DJ Red--Late Night Sessions Vol. 24

Happy 2016 Mode.Radio Fam Bam!

I'm recovering....

Last night, I went out in Atlanta to Afrotopia to see DJ Kemit. Before I went, I got an alert from my old friend DJ Red (Wayne Alan Baugh) about an afterhours....

I had to go  (after the loveliness of Kemit and Salah Ananse) and now I'm recovering.

But at least my body hurts from good dancing. Now you can relive my experience by listening to this new daily mix from DJ Red. This was done 6 days ago and it's (as usual) pure house goodness. Great for recovering....

BTW, this is our next to last Holiday Daily Mix. Look out for a really good one tomorrow!