Friday, January 1, 2016

Holiday Daily Mix #6--DJ Red--Late Night Sessions Vol. 24

Happy 2016 Mode.Radio Fam Bam!

I'm recovering....

Last night, I went out in Atlanta to Afrotopia to see DJ Kemit. Before I went, I got an alert from my old friend DJ Red (Wayne Alan Baugh) about an afterhours....

I had to go  (after the loveliness of Kemit and Salah Ananse) and now I'm recovering.

But at least my body hurts from good dancing. Now you can relive my experience by listening to this new daily mix from DJ Red. This was done 6 days ago and it's (as usual) pure house goodness. Great for recovering....

BTW, this is our next to last Holiday Daily Mix. Look out for a really good one tomorrow!


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