Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Debut Series 36--Lefrenk--Live @ Rawmatroid Showcase, A Coruna Spain

From A Coruna, Spain, the Debut Series is proud to feature DJ Lefrenk. Lefrenk was born in A Coruna with a love for electronics and the music it created. He has blessed the Mode.Radio dropbox with several mixes and original tracks, but this one was loved the most. Enjoy this live, minimal techno set of mostly original tracks and you can find out more about Lefrenk at


01. Intro of Kinhos (Aka Perlss Dj) Live Tai-Chi 00:00
[Superssonica Netlabel]

02. Monosurround - All night long (Lefrenk Remix) 00:40
[Unreleased MS Records Label]

03. Lefrenk - SquareSawSine (Original Mix) 05:53
[Free Download Rawmatroid Netlabel]

04. Lefrenk - Free Moments (Original Mix) 10:53

05. Lefrenk - Pom Pom (Original Mix) 14:53
[Fever Sound Label)

06. Intensitive - Infusion (Lefrenk Remix) 19:38
[Unusual Sound Label]

07. Lefrenk - Sipadan (Original Mix) 26:38

08. Mumzoo - Eleven (Lefrenk Deep Remix) 31:53
[Unusual Sound Label]

09. Crazy Minds - I can´t stop you (Lefrenk Remix) 38:27
[San Trincha Music Label]

10. Guidewire - Techno took my soul (Lefrenk Remix) 44:28
[Fierce Animal Label]

11. JackiRoqs - La roq (Lefrenk Remix) 50:56
[AkiRush Label]

12. Mumzoo - Independence (Lefrenk Remix) 57:26
[Unusual Sound Label]

13. Lefrenk - European feedback (Original Mix) 60:57

14. Lefrenk - Reformas (Original Mix) 63:10
[Unusual Sound Label]

Lefrenk - Live at Rawmatroid Showcase 2010 (Fanzine Club, A Coruña, Spain) Free Download by lefrenk

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