Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Stash Vol. 17--Poobah

DJ and producer Poobah is gracing "The Stash" with his series of mixes called "Turkey Droppings." Poobah has 3 releases on Aerotecnica recordings, which he helped to start back in 2003. He also has releases under the Daydream outfit. He started dj'ing in 1993. His style has evolved over the years from trance to breakbeat and drum & bass to house to techno. You can listen to the set by clicking HERE

To check him out, you can go to these websites as well:
Arcenciel - orig - Guy Gerber, Luciano
Backroom Honey - orig - Saeed Younan
Ballad - dub - Angela K
Baseline - orig - Rene Breitbarth
Battle Scars - Passenger 10 rmx - Daniel Portman
Bipolar - Noir dop edit - Djuma Soundsystem
Blackeye P - orig - Fergie
Breathe - orig - Maya Jane Coles
Burn The With - No Brainer rmx - 2 Human Djs
Celia - orig - Amir
Crash - orig - Milton Jackson
Cuernos Cubanos - orig - Spektre, Matt Cooper
Curb - Patch Park dub - Patch Park
Cyngus - orig - D. Diggler
Daydream - Human8 rmx - KaraKuma ENV
Deal with it - Kanio rmx - Spektre

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