Sunday, October 4, 2015

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #46--Erykah Badu--Feel Better, World!

Some of you may know that Ms. Erykah Badu is not only a world renown artist, but she's also a DJ :) Known by the alias of DJ Fat Belly Bella and Low Down Loretta Brown, Badu has been DJing out for many years. This mix was done 2 months ago after all the bad events happening to African-Americans here in the states. This mix is meant to empower and soothe the soul. As the Dallas Observer said "Badu dug deep for an 80-minute mix called "Feel Better, World!" that uses a selection of tracks by Donny Hathaway, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder and a host of others (including Badu herself) to paint some kind of image of hope. It starts dark and dissonant, clattering through Gary Bartz's avant jazz and James Brown's bleak "King Heroin" before making its way towards some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, where Hathaway suggests that "some day we'll all be free." Of course, Badu put it pretty succinctly herself when she posted the mix to Mixcloud over the weekend: "ALL OVER THE GLOBE...KEEP WALKING TALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS. SOMEDAY WE WILL ALL BE FREE. THE WORLD IS IN NEED OF HEALING.... I CAREFULLY AND LOVINGLY SELECTED HIGH FREQUENCY TONES FOR THE SOUL.... PLEASE LISTEN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.
LOVE, ms. badu."

Enjoy and look out for her next mixtape soon. There's a track floating around the net of her covering Drake's "Hotline Bling" that's really hot.

1. The Blessing Song — Gary Bartz
2. Come in to Knowledge — Ramp
3. Africano — Earth Wind & Fire
4. My People… Hold On — Eddie Kendricks
5. King Heroin — James Brown
6. Lord Help Me — Donny Hathaway
7. Blessed — The Emotions
8. See the Light — Earth Wind & Fire
9. When There is No Sun — Sun Ra
10. Visions (Inner Visions Live) — Stevie Wonder
11. Sack Full of Dreams — Donny Hathaway
12. The Blessing — Michael White
13. World Keeps Turning — Erykah Badu
14. Third Eye — Roy Ayers
15. Watching Over — The Emotions
16. Brazilian Rhyme — Earth Wind & Fire
17. Love’s in Need of Love — Stevie Wonder

18. Some Day We’ll All Be Free — Donny Hathaway 

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