Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekly Mix #40--DJ Marky--Fabriclive Promo Mix--June 2015

This has been one crazy week. Personally, I went to the Bay Area, came back, and went to visit fam bam in Kansas City 3 days later. Nationally, there was a horrific murder in Charleston, SC and Same Sex marriage became law. Regionally (here in the southern US), the Confederate flag started to be taken down., starting in Alabama of all places.

So what does this have to do with the mix I'm featuring today. Nothing. BUT...

I have been listening to it hard core this week. It helped me zone out when I was angry and numb about Charleston and helped me celebrate that my friends and family can now marry. 

This is just a good Drum 'n' Bass mix.

We haven't featured a mix by DJ Marky since 2011. This was featured on Fabric London's Soundcloud page as a promo for an appearance Marky did at Fabric Live on June 12. The Brazilian based Marky has been DJ for over 25 years and has his own radio show and podcast, amongst other things. Check out his profile here on Resident Advisor.

BTW, this is NOT a 3 hour set. He was doing a 3 hour set at the live event on June 12th.


1. DJ Marky - 1992
2. Total Science, Quadrant & Iris - Pushin' Your Luck
3. Alibi - Knockout
4. Chromatic - Lung VIP
5. Origin Unknown - Truly One Remix 1
6. L Side - Dust Version
7. Turno - Roald Dahl
8. Serum - One More Thing
9. DJ Marky - Be With You ft. Collette Warren
10. Culture Shock - City Lights
11. Random Movement - I Stayed Around
12. Calibre - All Day
13. Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Magic Moment
14. DJ Marky - Silly
15. Blade -Chifres Para Ela
16. Paul SG - My Heart
17. DJ Marky & L Side - Fiesta ft. Ella Sopp
18. Dez - Pot Party X
19. Mark System - Optix
20. LSB - Mist Of You

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