Monday, June 1, 2015

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #37--B.Blu--Houseworks 88.5FM Marathon set with Levi and Ron Pullman

Who is this woman in the picture above? It's B.Blu and soon you will know who she is. B.Blu, aka Betty Arboleda, has been a major influence as a radio host since 2000. Her specialty is as a DJ promoting Latin music, specifically rock en Espanol, but she is also known as a promoter of electronica music. B.Blu worked at WRAS 88.5FM Atlanta for many years, hosting "Mundo Latino" and "Houseworks." This mix was done in 2000 on that radio station with the great Atlanta deep house DJ, Ron Pullman, and DJ Levi. It's great for late night, getting ready for the club! So in honor of the Miami-based, birthday girl, enjoy this mix and listen for more of her shows soon!

You can also check out her Soundcloud here for more music that she's promoting:

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