Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mode.Radio's Weekly Mix #23--Ladyeve--Rollerjam

Ladyeve, or DJ Eve has been a good friend of Mode.Radio since 1997 when I was working at WRAS Atlanta 88.5 FM. Eve was the host of a show called "Planet8," which was one of my first forays into electronica. Eve has moved from Atlanta to Canada and now to Mexico. Mode.Radio has featured Eve on this blog 4 times, the last time being 2011. So when we found this link to her 19th annual Xmas mix and loved the disco jams and decided to bring it to our fans. Expect the usual disco fare, starting with "All over the World" by Electric Light Orchestra, going into "Let's Groove" by Earth, Wind, and Fire, and then getting into funk nu-disco jams. As she says about the mix: "Mixed as the ideal soundtrack for the roller rink extravaganza in my heart. Made with joy for my long time friends that have brought me happiness on this journey of life music."


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