Sunday, November 8, 2015

Mode.Radio Weekly Mix #48--Satoshi Tomiie--Live Mix at Dommune (Tokyo) May 2015

I have loved Satoshi Tomiie since I discovered electronic music in the 90's. Most of the world first knew about him around that same time with his track "Tears" that he produced with the great Frankie Knuckles. The Japanese born, NYC/Paris based DJ, Producer, Label Boss has been tearing up floors and inspiring many DJs and artists for a very long time.

After a 2 year break, Tomiie has come back with his latest album "New Day." This mix was done at the release party for that album at the great Dommune club in Tokyo. There's no tracklisting for this set, but it's beautiful deep house, chilled goodness. Enjoy and find out more about Satoshi Tomiie at

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