Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Stash 37--DJ Marky--Podcast 16, March 2009

One of the first drum 'n' bass DJ that I fell in love with was DJ Marky. My first CD of his that I bought was "The Brazilian Job" in 2001. Ever since then, whenever I see a DJ Marky set on the internet or in the stores, I have to buy it.

In March 2009, I download this set from DJ Marky's website, http://djmarky.uol.com.br/, and It hasn't left my iPod ever since. A very good d'n'b set, it's full of surprises and filled with DJ Marky speaking about tracks he's using.

A little bio: Regarded as a drum’n’bass innovator under the name Marky Mark and then just DJ Marky, Marco Antonio Silva was discovered by English DJ Bryan Gee, who saw Marky playing in a club in São Paulo in 1998. Amazed by Marky’s scratch skills, he invited the DJ to play in London. Marky got started in drum’n’bass in 1992, choosing a more hardcore edge, but the small audiences nearly caused him to give up. At the time, he was told that that kind of music was for only a few. In 1997, he went to London and met DJs Hype and Goldie. The meeting with Brian D was definitive for Marky’s conquering of England. In 1999, he was awarded "Best New DJ" by the British critics. The recording sessions of his album "Working the Mix" happened in his house, with two pick ups, one mixer and vinyl albums. When it was ready, he showed it to moguls at Paradoxx and got lucky.


1. Lynx & Kemo - Deez Breaks
2. Die & Break - Get Some
3. Random Movement - Kids In The Sea
4. ?
5. Mistical - Time To Fly
6. SPY - Moving In Circles
7. Commix - Bear Music
8. Interface - Get Low
9. Drumagick ft Dynamite MC - The Drummer
10. Stunna - Back In Time
11. Random Movement - Waterlogged
12. Total Science ft MC Conrad - Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Super Jungle VIP)
13. The Futures - Aint No Time Fa Nothin

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