Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Stash 24--Ramon RawSoul--A Cab Driver's Theme

This "Stash" episode, along with the Debut Series, is featuring hot, summer house. For this episode, we are featuring the soulful house music of DJ Ramon RawSoul.

Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he was reared with house music in the neighborhood. When he was coming up, house music came to widespread attention as records were imported directly from Chicago to dominate the playlist of Europe's most influential DJ's. He was there at the house party. He watched it grow with virtually no support from radio networks. Three house records forced their way into the top ten and Ramon Rawsoul was open.

He studied the "Father" of house music Ron Hardy, who had already effected a continuous music mix -- with reel-to-reel machines plus a dual-turntable setup -- at Chicago's Muzic Box. Rawsoul also listened to house music greats Frankie Knuckles, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Lil Louis, Gene Hunt, Pharris Thomas and Lee Collins.

Later, he partied with the now internationally renowned Dj Rush, Ron Trent and Ron Carroll in Kings and Queens and the Reactor. After discovering a natural talent and passion for spinning, he's been in love ever since.

Now living in Atlanta, Ramon is well-known for his "House in the Park" Parties which are a Memorial Day and Labor Day tradition. Enjoy!


1. ???? Glen Underground

2. Calma--Bah Salma

3. Ritual Rain--Peven Everett

4. Nimba's Groove Abicah Soul

5. Tarzan--Roy Ayers

6. Baila Mi Gente--Abicah Soul

7. Jeware--Franck Roger

8. Space Jungle--Anthony Nicolson

9. Bolo Ru--Joe Clausell

10 Obatala--Mental Remedy

11. Ancestral Song--Ethnic Heritage

12. Mental Black Resurection--Glen Underground

13. Life Start Today--Ian Friday

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