Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mode.Radio needs DJ mixes for Fall and Winter! needs new DJ mixes for the fall and winter. Any mixes will do, as long as they are good. Time length can be from 45 mins to 1 hour and half. Please send a bio with your mix, tracklisting (if possible), and any pictures that you'd want to be associated with your mix.

Mode.Radio has been in existence since 2008, with the goal of connecting DJs to a larger audience. We have DJ Mixes from all styles from hip-hop to trance and everything in between. Mode.Radio originally started out with recordings of live jungle/d'n'b mixes from the Atlanta radio show "Subterranean" and has since expanded to featuring exclusive DJ mixes (Debut Series) and really good mixes, already on the web (The Stash). If you want to know more about, check out on these sites:
and under in iTunes

You can post your mixes on, PM me or e-mail mixes to The e-mail address may not be able to hold large files, so sending them through a site such as Send Space would be best.

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