Saturday, July 4, 2009

Debut Series Vol. 14--Osmose--Smoker's Lounge Vol. 2

We last heard from Osmose in August 2008, with "Smoker's Lounge Vol. 1." Now he's back with his second edition. Osmose is based in Atlanta and is well known for his reggae sets. He has a weekly show on Zion and does many events in the southeast. For more info, check out OsmoseSound or his MySpace.

1. El Michels Affair--"Spread Your Soul"
2. Lucky Brown--"Potato Cakes"
3. Mukatsuku--"Snow Revolution"
4. na--"Spread Love"(rmx)
5. Organic Grooves--"Slim Fast in Reverse"
6. Nightmares in Wax--"I am You"
7. Jazz Liberatorz--"The Process Instrumental"
8. Presto and Mhax Montes--"Rock On"
9. Kenny Dope--"Oh Baby"
10. Hydrophonic Sound System--"American Pickpocket"
11. Thievery Corporation--"Warning Shots"
12. Sofa Surfers--"Can I Get a Witness"
13. Regal--"The Village Calling"
14. Dub Traffic Control--"Juana Tijuana"
15. DJ Sabo--"Colegiala Dub"
16. Audited Beats--"Reggae Type of Way"
17. JSTAR--"Extra Playa"
18. Collen and Webb Presents--"The Jamaican Jerk Off/Golden"
19. Johnny Haastrup--"Greetings"


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