Friday, April 3, 2009

Subterranean Sessions Vol. 11--The Lost Episode

For our 11th episode, we have a great intelligent d'n'b set with Matt Deco (LA) as a host. We even have a tracklisting for this episode. However...

We have no F#$%ing idea when the show was broadcast.

So listen to this "Subterranean Sessions" and enjoy and when we find out when this show was originally broadcast, we'll let you know.

J Laise--Chins and Grins
Universal Indicator--Mono Block
Total Science--Good Love
Danny C--The Mexican
Sonic and Silver--Rocket Launcher
Badlands--Aqua Sky
Klute--Curly Whirly
Decay & Epislon--Platinum
Kaos, Carl K & J Kennedy--Xanadu


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