Friday, April 3, 2009

Debut Series Vol. 11--Tester--Dangerous

Tester, aka Soundboy Assassinator, is a part of the Trilogy Sound Crew, alongside Sinista and the legendary Hazeus.

Tester began producing in 1998 with high regard to his passion for both reggae and jungle music. His distinctive brand of ragga jungle murderation has been a favorite amongst DJs, producers, and listeners alike. With releases on labels such as Tuff Gang International, Top Ranking, and Jungle Royale, as well as Tester's own imprint, Soundtest Records, Tester has released 15 vinyls, 100 dubplates, and VIP Remixes.

"Dangerous" is a 2008 mix with exlusive dubplates from tester. You can get more info, dubplates, mixes from Tester at or at


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