Monday, November 15, 2010

The Stash 33--Sasha--Magic Carpet Tapes Pt. 1

These mixes, Part 1 and 2, have been floating around the internet for about 2 years. Recorded in 1992 from a mix he did in Australia, this mix is actually recorded off of a cassette tape! Enjoy!

1. Roman - Free The Feeling Pt2
"come on bring the night, feel it"
2. Inner City - Halleluljah (leftfield on high vocal)
3. Mariah Carey - You can make it happen (morales)
4. Nu World - Chrystol Dance (bassline)
5. Gypsymen - Hear The Music
6. Passion Flower - Urban Bells
7. Shawn Christopher - Dont Loose The Magic
( morales def mix )
8. The R.A.S.E. - Get on up (groovy disco mix)
9. D-Ream - U R The Best Thing ( dub )
10. Sure Is Pure - Is This Love Really Love
11. Kathy Sledge - Take me Back To Love
( roger sanchez shelter mix)


  1. Hey whats up man I heard you like listening to other dj's mixes heres my newest mix "THE PARTY IS HERE" is my newest mix Thanks ahead of time for checking it out. I like other peoples input on it!

  2. Loved, love, loving this mix!! I stumbled across your blog via Looks like me or something like that about mixed know meandering through the internet..anyway thanks for putting it out there, keep up the great work and hope life is being good to you.