Monday, April 5, 2010

Radio Ready--Osmose--Larry Heard Appreciation Mix

Larry Heard, aka Mr. Fingers, is one of the pioneers of Chicago House Music. With hits including, "Can You Feel It", "Bring Down the Walls" (ft. Robert Owens), "What About this Love," Larry brought an element to the definitive house music sound that we are used to today. As a special treat to Mode.Radio, our friend DJ Osmose blessed us with his mix, the "Larry Heard Appreciation Mix" It's a Larry Heard appreciation mix, but instead of being all Larry Heard tracks it's more in the vein of the feel of a Larry Heard DJ the monthly's he used to do on the Alleviated Records website a few years back. There's no tracklisting and there doesn't need to be either. Just sit back and enjoy! Listen to it HERE

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