Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Stash Vol. 15--DJ Lexus Luthor aka Weatherman--Crowd Control

Lexus Luthor began his DJing career as DJ Weatherman in late 1996, playing Drum & Bass. At the time, he was selected to play alongside such D&B luminaries as High Contrast, Ed Rush, Matrix, Dieselboy, DJ Lee, AK1200, Aquasky, Mickey Finn, Total Science, Klute, Marcus Intalex, and many others. He played an instrumental role in his local dance music community, having been involved with a local record shop (Candy) since its inception in 1996. He progressed from clerk to store manager to head music buyer. He also ran several weekly events, including Tilt for over a year, Arson and a monthly called Heavy Session, as well as promoting numerous one-off events. Weatherman was also an integral member of the influential Playtheavy Kru for several years, as well as being involved with other production companies (Liquified, Format, Dash Productions and Cassini d'Vision).

He has since re-invented himself under the guise of Lexus Luthor. In this new incarnation, he has changed formats, now playing electro, nu-disco, maximal and whatever else catches his ear, even including the occasional heavy metal tune in his sets!

Lexus has also made the move from traditional DJing technology to laptop DJing and makes every effort to allow technology to expand the capabilities of his performance.


Toxic Avenger: ?????????
Toxic Avenger: Escape (LA Riots rmx)
Wolfgang Gartner: Firepower
Designer Drugs: Drop Down
Huoratron: Gbay
No1Else: Flushing Window
DirtyLoud: Disco Recordz
Deadmau5: Dr. Funkenstein
Maral Salmassi & Fukkk Offf: Let's Rock the Party (Fukkk Offf rmx)
Disco of Doom: Warpig
Telonius: Disco-Tec (Moulinex rmx)
Edwin van Cleef: Overtaken (Mille rmx)
Peppe le Funk: Floor 'n' Order
Crazy P pres. Syndrome: The Hit
Private: My Secret Lover (Lifelike rmx)
Bodie Lee: Monaco (DJ Agent 86 Disco Bomb edit)
Vitalic: Poison Lips (extended version)
Toecutter: Best Party Ever (Jordan Light Year & Jimmy 2 Sox rmx)
Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the Name of (SebastiAn's Late Night Laptop edit)

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