Sunday, October 25, 2009


As some may know, is on 2 websites: and Also was (and still is) downloadable on iTunes. has been planning for months to have it's own website with a list of archived shows that we have uploaded in the past year and a half.

Then we figured out a way to do it easier and keep our blogspot site.

Starting this week, all archived shows will have a link at the bottom that will say "LISTEN HERE" and if you click on it, you could actually listen the episode, instead of trying to find the show in the players on the right hand side of the blog post. ONLY NEW EPISODES WILL BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Hopefully this will help with and confusion and you can actually listen to shows that were previously broadcasted.

Eventually, would like to have all of it's podcasts on this blogspot. Hopefully it will soon happen! Thanks for listening!

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