Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Stash--Tommie Sunshine--Mix for N'Joy Radio--6/29/2007

Tommie Sunshine in Atlanta, 2007

For our second edition of "The Stash", we feature a set from Tommie Sunshine that he did for N'Joy Radio in Germany. Tommie is well-known as a remixer, producer, vocalist, radio jock, label owner, DJ and songwriter with many albums to his credit. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY and travelling the world, Tommie has previously lived in Atlanta and Chicago, where he had residencies and was involved in the music business locally.

This set is one of my favorites and when I find the tracklisting, I'll repost. Check it out on the right. Tommie's myspace is In the meantime, check out and be sure you translate! :)


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